Red Arrow Recent History 2015-2021

History of Red Arrow for 2015

January 28, 2015 the Board of Directors met for their monthly meeting. The possibility of purchasing a new groomer was discussed. A new Tucker Sno-Cat is being seriously considered. Currently the drags are pulled by a John Deere tractor and the Ultimate groomer. Gary Wagner suggested that the club should be looking at taking the John Deere out of the winter snow grooming plan and replacing it with a Tucker Sno-Cat. Finance committee will study finances and report at the next Board meeting.
Grant work has started on the replacement/repair of the Engle Bridge.
A dinner show is being planned for early spring-for something fun to do after snow season, Let Me Be Frank Productions will present the Wake of Johnny Blood.
It is announced that the club will need a new President at the May 2015 elections. Joe Kampf will no longer hold that position.

February 15, 2015 Board meeting. The new Tucker Sno-Cat was again discussed and a decision was made or order a new Tucker-with delivery expected in early summer 2015.

May 9, 2015 Annual membership meeting. Officers elected-Gary Wagner, President: Tim Brooks-Vice President; Terry Demoulin-Treasurer, and Kathy James-Membership secretary (New board position). Kim Weinrich remains administrative secretary.
Two weeks after election Kathy James resigned from membership secretary and Sandy Wagner assumed the membership secretary position.

June 4, 2015 Membership meeting. The new snowmobile trail pass was discussed. Planning continues for the Corn Roast. There is talk about a new snowmobile bridge at Langlade by Highway 64. Gary Wagner has asked that the club open a PayPal account for members to use to pay their membership dues. Kari Hinkens the new administrative secretary will look into this.
Discussion was held on looking into a drag for use on the summer ATV/UTV trails. Gary Wagner will look into the options available.

June 25, 2015 Board Meeting. PayPal is being set up. Membership secretary, Sandy Wagner reported on the development of the new position. Gary Wagner suggested offering rolling ads on the website to local Booster Members. This would provide advertising for them and funds to help support fees for the website maintenance. The new 2016 Tucker Sno-Cat has been delivered. It will be in the parade on July 4th. Engle Bridge project still in limbo and Partridge trail waiting for grant approval. Discover Wisconsin will be in town on August 1, 2015 to film atv/utv trail activity for their television show.

July-December 2015 Board and membership meetings were held on a regular basis. The annual Corn Roast on Labor Day weekend was planned and was a successful event which resulted in a very nice profit for the club. The culverts across from the Golden Eagle and Karla’s were installed by Jeff Kroll, who was hired to do the work. The culverts were entirely paid for by Red Arrow. Two new board members were welcomed. Joe Kampf resigned from the Past President position and John Brantmeier agreed to take over that board position. Chip Maul resigned for health reasons-he was injured at the PGA tournament. Mike Ott agreed to take over that director’s position. Gary Wagner and Carl Christensen were sent to a training school to learn how to do routine maintenance on the Tucker Sno-Cat. First snow season for the snowmobile trail passes. Discover Wisconsin will be filming a snowmobile trail segment for their show which will air on March 26, 2016. Sandy Wagner-membership secretary reported 430 members at the end of 2015. This includes families, singles and Business Booster Members. This is up from approx. 360 in the spring. Increase is due to the discounted snowmobile trail pass if you are a snowmobile club member. The trail pass program was implemented to raise funds for trails and bridges and to promote club membership. Red Arrow club membership numbers are growing steadily due to the trail pass program,


History of Red Arrow for 2016

The year started with a new administrative secretary-Bernie Bangert. Club membership is currently at 470 households and businesses. Fish A Ree, Dinner Show, MS ride luncheon and the Bonfire in the woods are a few of the events that happened in late winter and early spring. The Fish A Ree profit was $12,500 and the Dinner Show profit was $4128.5 which included sales from a signed Packer football. With these successful events the club continued to pay ahead on the loan for the Tucker. The board is looking into selling some of the old and unused equipment that is being stored at the buildings. In April a new oval Red Arrow sign was put on the clubhouse building. In June the club purchased a new Bonnell 312 Road Maintainer. This was paid for by monies set aside from fundraisers that were held for this purpose. The Bonnell will be used to grade the atv/utv trails in the summer and to prepare the snowmobile trails before snowfall. The club by-laws were changed at the May annual meeting. 2nd Vice President Position was eliminated and the Trail Boss position which had been an elected position will now an appointed by the President position, with approval by the board needed to accept the person nominated. Jeff Kroll was thanked for his and his families many years of service to Red Arrow. They were instrumental in forming Red Arrow and worked for many years to build and maintain the trail system. Red Arrow owes a lot to the Kroll’s and other early pioneers in snowmobiling in the Townsend area.
May 7, 2016 Annual Membership meeting. Elections were held with Carl Christensen elected to the Vice President position, Bernie Bangert to the Administrative Secretary position and Larry Westphal to a 3-year board position. Other officers serving the club were Gary Wagner, President: Terry DeMoulin, Treasurer; Sandy Wagner, Membership Secretary; Ron Popp and Dave Hinkens, board members and John Brantmeier in the Past President position.
The new locater signs for the trails were put up on both ATV and snowmobile trails. These can be used to identify your location in an emergency situation.

Summer 2016 Summer was busy with atv/utv trail traffic increasing. The water truck used for dust control broke down and needs extensive repair. Corn Roast being planned and this year will be at the Old Town Hall Bar and Restaurant grounds. The Hesselink family has donated an old hay wagon to use as a stage for the Corn Roast. It will also be used for the high work when brushing snowmobile trails. Red Arrow participated in the Townsend 4th of July parade. Red Arrow hosted the WATVA regional meeting on July 30th at the clubhouse.
The Engel bridge grant was approved. The Langlade connector is an ongoing project, but not proceeding very well at this point. An atv/utv connector over to Knowles Creek is being considered.

Fall 2016 Corn Roast showed a profit of $12,850 with the new venue at the Old Town Hall working out very well. Planning for future events includes the annual Christmas Party, bonfire in the woods, Fish A Ree, MS ride luncheon and Dinner Show. An old snow drag was sold to Dun Good Riders. The club purchased a Miller welder for use at the shop for repairs. At year end the club showed 490 memberships. A $45,000 payment was made on the Tucker loan.
The Wisconsin snowmobile trail pass sales have raised 2.2 million dollars to be used for snowmobile trails and bridges. This program will continue to provide funding for the future of snowmobiling.
Terry DeMoulin has asked to be replaced as treasurer when possible. Dan Pamperin was approved as the club’s new treasurer at a December 14th meeting.

History of Red Arrow for 2017

2017 started with snow filled, groomed snowmobile trails. Once again Red Arrow was busy providing the best possible riding experiences for visitors and residents. Events being worked on for the winter and spring were the annual club Christmas party, bonfire in the woods, the Fish A Ree fundraiser and the annual dinner show. This year Red Arrow again helped provided a lunch for the MS fundraisers who were stationed out of Carter this year. Many club volunteers helped to make all of these events a success. Wednesday morning 9AM at the Townsend Shell is the place to be for a group snowmobile ride to a lunch destination. These rides happen every Wednesday that the snowmobile trails are open. With the club becoming much more active with our Facebook account-the club grew with popularity with both snowmobilers and atv/utv riders alike. The year started with 469 households/business as members. Membership has been increasing for several years.

Red Arrow was asked by Patrick and Jenni O’Brien to groom the trails used for the Doty Dog Days of Winter sled dogs’ races. The route the mushers take includes some snowmobile trails and specially set-up tracks through the potato fields by Hwy 64 and T. Club members assisted with trail closing and opening the day of the race.

The Knowles Creek trail/bridge is on ongoing project. Seems at this it will be a while before the club gets a go ahead from the U.S. Forest Service to proceed. Paperwork continues on the possibility of building a recreational bridge over the Wolf River at Langlade with hopes to connect atv/utv trails from Oconto and Langlade counties. Lots of work to be done yet to make this as all possible. We are learning that these kinds of projects do not happen overnight and require and immense amount of time and work by those trying to further the sport.

March saw the club welcome a new administrative secretary, Kevin Van Camp. He will be a great asset to the club. The club is going to start offering rolling ad advertisements on the top of our website pages. The cost will be $100 per year with the membership secretary collecting this at the time of their membership renewal. Red Arrow has also started a script card program with Shell Oil. Red Arrow will make 10% on every sale of script gas/gift cards that are sold by the club. The water truck that was used to water the atv/utv trails to control dust had been in need of numerous repairs. It was decided that the truck would be sold. A computer program called SNARS is now available for snowmobile clubs to use to report their hours to the county. These reports enable the clubs to be reimbursed for expenses on the snowmobile trails. Prior to this, these reports where all hand written. President Gary Wagner will be trained on how to report hours on the new SNARS program.

Early spring saw the Oconto County Sherriff’s Department and the seven northern towns of Oconto County start talking about a second recreation officer to work the snowmobile and atv/utv trails in the 7 northern Oconto County townships.

The May annual membership meeting was time for officer elections. Leading the club for the next year were Gary Wagner, President; Carl Christensen, Vice-President, Kevin Van Camp, Administrative Secretary; Sandy Wagner, Membership Secretary; Dan Pamperin, Treasurer. Board of Directors include Tom Berghuis, Dennis Pommering and Larry Westphal. John Brantmeier fills the Past President position.

Through the hard work of club members at fundraisers the loan for the 2016 Tucker was paid off. The loan was paid off in two years, which again shows how hard the members and officers have worked in the past two years. This is one of many examples to the dedicated volunteers that work to help promote the sports of snowmobiling and atv/utv trail riding in the Townsend area.



June 2017

The summer atv/utv season is well underway. Many heavy summer rain storms did a real number on quit a few trails. Members spent hours repairing washout and downed trees, only to have another storm hit and create damage again. With help from the county some more extensive repairs were done to prevent further washouts in several areas on the Nicolet State Recreational Trail.

Gary Wagner started work on having the club receive 510c3 tax status. This will save the club a lot of money in the future. This in a very involved process and will take up to a year to complete.

July 2017

July saw work begin on the Engel Bridge. Larry Market and Jeff Kroll are the lead people involved in the planning and building of the bridge. For the next several months, Larry, Jeff and many other club members worked on the bridge. By fall the bridge was completed with Larry Market being the person who should get the most credit for completing the project. He was involved from designing stage to pounding the nails. He organized and lead the work crews throughout the entire project. Great job done by Larry Market and the crew!! Yet another example of volunteers working to promote our sports.

Fall saw the 2nd Recreational officer position approved. He will serve the 7 northern Oconto County townships as a new “7 Towns Officer” and will also be working the trails and lakes in the area. This position is planned on being filled by April of 2018.

Culverts were put in on the snowmobile trail crossing on Pickerel Lake Road. This was done at the request of the landowner. Red Arrow paid for this project to be done. Work was done by Jeff Kroll.

December 2017

In December as the club was once again preparing for the winter snow season. The need and opportunity to replace the Ultimate is seen at this time. President Gary Wagner will look in to the possibility of selling the Ultimate and replacing it with either a used or new Tucker Sno-Cat. The 2016 Tucker is paid for and is working very well for the club’s needs, so another Tucker is the preferred machine to look at as the club proceeds to look to the future. President Gary Wagner sees the need to keep the grooming equipment up do date to provide the best possible trails in the Townsend area. With up to date and dependable equipment we can continue to do this.


History of Red Arrow for 2018

January started without enough snow to groom the trails for opening. The annual Christmas party was held at Waubee Lake Lodge on January 13. 50 members enjoyed a very nice evening which did start with a very short membership meeting.

The Ultimate groomer has been listed for sale on the AWSC website. The club is also selling the Rhino Brush Hog as the club has another unit that works better for their needs. President Gary Wagner reported that new or used groomer shopping is ongoing. Finances for the club at this time indicate that the purchase of a different groomer would be appropriate.

The annual bonfire for 2018 was a huge success. Tom and Gloria Mulroy donated their time and all the food/beverages for the event. Thanks to Tom and Gloria for their volunteer efforts to make this event a success.

By February the trails were open with reports of more snow needed. (Don’t we always want more snow than we have?) Gary Wagner had a proposal for the purchase of a new Tucker Sno-Cat for snow grooming. The Fish A Ree is being planned as is the dinner show for later in March. An ATV safety class is being planned by Larry Westphal and Carl Christensen. Shell script cards are being sold by the club. Red Arrow makes 10% on the sale of the cards. Club clothing inventory choices are being expanded by Sandy Wagner. Talk continues at this time about the Knowles Creek project and Partridge Trail New Trail Construction. John Brantmeier is the lead person for projects at this time. Completed projects are the Engle Road Bridge, Hemlock Dam and Lower Loop Trail improvements.

Club membership continues to grow. The Snow Trail Pass program is responsible for some of this. Other reason is that the club has become more active on Facebook. Gary Wagner asked John Brantmeier to fill out the application for the AWSC Club of the Year award.

The 2018 Fish A Ree fundraiser was held on February 15th. The event was well attended and a good profit was made to put toward trail equipment and maintenance. The event was chaired by Dennis Pommering and Sandy Wagner. Many volunteers helped make it the success that it was. These events are necessary to provide the funds needed for trail maintenance and equipment purchases.

March started with the trails still open but in need of more snow. Gary Wagner has received a proposal from Tucker for a new Sno-Cat. The board approved the purchase of a new 2019 Tucker Sno-Cat at a cost of $206,000.

The annual dinner show” Lumber Jacks in 2 Ax” was held on March 30. Another full house at Waubee Lake Lodge banquet room. A good time was had by all and Sandy Wagner is planning another play for 2019.

April 2018 saw planning for the summer events, such as the Pig Roast in June, 4th of July parade and the Corn Roast on Labor Day weekend.

May 5, 2018 was the club’s annual membership meeting with election of officers. Officers serving the club Gary Wagner, President; Mike Ott, Vice-President; Alisha Nieft, Administrative Secretary; Sandy Wagner, Membership Secretary; Dan Pamperin, Treasurer; Dennis Pommering, Larry Westphal, Tom Bergius and Carl Christensen complete the board for the coming year.

John Brantmeier is resigning from his position as Past President. Gary Wagner proposed that the Partridge Trail by named the “John Brantmeier Trail”.

The club has a membership of 464 members at this time. This includes single, family and Business Booster members. This count makes Red Arrow the 8th largest club in the state. Both snowmobiling and atv/utv riding is growing, especially in our part of the state.

This year is the clubs 50th anniversary. The club has received recognition from the AWSC on this milestone. It will also be celebrated at the next Christmas party.

June 2018 saw the delivery of the new 2019 Tucker Sno-Cat. Track Inc. took the Ultimate to their shop in Rhinelander to try to sell it for the club. The Pig Roast fundraiser was held at the Old Town Hall Bar and Restaurant. Fun was had by all and funds were raised to help support the clubs’ efforts. Planning continues for the Corn Roast on Labor Day weekend.

July and August brought a lot of good summer trail riding. Many visitors came to our community and the efforts put forth by volunteers to make the trails great for riding paid off for all. Red Arrow was a favorite once again in the 4th of July parade. The Tucker and the John Deere always bring lots of cheers from the hundreds of people than line the streets of Townsend. Many riders join in the fun with their ATVS and UTVS decorated in a patriotic theme.

President, Gary Wagner received a very special phone call on a warm summer evening in July. Red Arrow has been chosen as the very first “AWSC Snowmobile Club of the Year.” Wow what an honor!! Red Arrow will receive this award at the AWSC workshops in October in the Dells. This award is only possible because of the hard work and dedication from club members for the last 50+ years. Please take time to reread the history from the early days. Things weren’t so easy for them as they are now. Without those early pioneers we wouldn’t be the great shape we are now. Thanks go out to John Brantmeier for putting together our entry.

August 2018 brought more trail riding. The usual trail work with washouts and windfalls. The plans for the Corn Roast on Labor Day weekend are being finalized and the club should be set to put on our usual good show. This event is quickly becoming a yearly “must do” for many locals and visitors. The Old Town Hall Bar and Restaurant continues to provide us with an awesome venue for this event. Thanks to Josh and Cassie for all they do to help make this happen.

September 2018 saw another Corn Roast be a huge success. Many volunteers work long hours before, during and after this event to make it a success. ATV and snowmobile safety classes are being planned for the fall.

October, November and December are spent brushing trails in prep for the winter snowmobile season. Grooming equipment is readied for a busy grooming season. AWSC Workshops are held every year and Red Arrow attends this yearly.


History of Red Arrow for 2019

January 2019 was a typical snowmobile year. Trails opened shortly after the New Year. There was plenty of snow to provide excellent riding for residents and visitors. The two Tucker Sno-Cats were doing an excellent job of pulling the drags thru the Red Arrow trail system. This quality equipment has made the condition of the Red Arrow trails the standard to look up to for other trail systems. The grooming policy of grooming only later in the evening has been proven to provide the best trail conditions. This timing lets the trails set up before sleds go over them.

Once again, a very enjoyable Christmas Party and Bonfire in the Woods made January a fun month in Townsend. A huge thanks to all the volunteers who made these event happen.

One needed improvement made this season was new sign shelving in the pole shed. Tim Barthel and Gary Wagner were the volunteers that did this work.

February 2019 once again brought the Fish A Ree fundraiser to town. The Townsend Town Hall was packed for the entire day and fun was had by all. The Ultimate was sold to the Gillette snowmobile club. It was good to see it go to a local club and they were very happy to have it in their groomer shed- (although rumor has it, they got it stuck the first time out!) Guess it wasn’t meant to climb the snow mountains in the parking lot, but someone did try it. That being said, it has found a good home in Gillett.

March 2019 brought the end to another snowmobile season. The 5th annual dinner show was held at Waubee Lake Lodge. Little did we know that this was the last dinner show. The shows were always very well attended and a welcome activity in the late days of winter. Sandy Wagner was the chairlady for all five dinner shows with Kim Weinrich being the person who came up with the idea 5 years ago. We hope that everyone that came to one of the dinner shows enjoyed themselves. March also saw the club obtaining 501c3 tax status. It was about a year ago Gary Wagner asked about looking into this. There was a very involved application to obtain this and it was achieved at last. Club membership has also grown to 500 members. Looks like Red Arrow is doing something right.

April 2019 brought spring trail work, ATV safety classes and elections of officers for the coming year. Officers for the year were Gary Wagner, President; Mike Ott, Vice President; Kris Barthel, Treasurer; Melissa Amador, Administrative Secretary; Sandy Wagner, Membership Secretary. Board members are Dennis Pommering, Tom Berghuis, Tim Barthel and Carl Christensen. The club bank accounts were moved from Huntington to the Laona State Bank due to closing of the Huntington/Associated Bank in Townsend.

May and June once again saw the board starting work on the Corn Roast Fundraiser. This event takes a lot of planning and an early start helps it run well. Atv/Utv trails opened when conditions allowed and another fun season of riding started in the Townsend area.

July 2019. Started out with the 4th of July parade and celebration. Once again, the Red Arrow entry was cheered by all in attendance. New club membership dues are now $37 a year. This is a raise of $2 to compensate for the AWSC raising their dues from $10 to $12. The Partridge atv/utv trail work is done. It will be signed soon and plans are to have a ceremony at the Corn Roast to name it the John Brantmeier ATV trail.

DISASTER HITS ON July 19 at approx. 8:30 in the evening. As many of us sat and enjoyed a typical summer evening a derecho was marching across the state. When it hit Townsend and south to Mountain, Chute Pond and beyond everything changed in the woods. Entire acres of tree were flattened through the area. All roads in Townsend were closed after the strong 20-minute storm. It was truly a frightening thing to witness. Power was out for most of the area for up to 5 days. Neighbors helped neighbors dig out from under downed trees. The trails were beyond passable. The first morning after 3 club members did attempt to open a portion of the Nicolet State Trail. Another storm then hit early in the afternoon. The next day the 21st the US Forest Service ordered all trails to be closed and that absolutely no work could be done by any club members on any trails. Needless to say, many have their own stories to tell about “The Storm on July 19, 2019.

ATV/UTV trails were allowed to open a few days before the Corn Roast on August 31st. The amount of work put in by loggers hired by the Forest Service is unimaginable and will continue for years to come. When allowed, club members worked hundreds of hours to open trails and clean up debris. Words cannot describe the work out done by those faithful club members. This kind of work will continue for years to come as trees will continue to fall for a long time.

The Corn Roast was a huge success again. The dedication of the John Brantmeier trail could not happen due to the tree damage done with the storm. John was recognized for his efforts at the Corn Roast.

September saw a somewhat return to business as normal. Tree falls still continue so don’t be fooled that the damage had all been cleaned up. Planning for opening up the snowmobile trails began. Early reports from the US Forest Service stated that the trails may not open at all this year. Eventually enough work was done by loggers and club volunteers to enable most of the trails to be ready to open when the snow flies. Words again cannot describe the work needed to make this happen. One trail was not able to open and many trails were worked on even after snowfall and during the season. Riding through the damaged areas would bring tears to your eyes. To be clear, Red Arrow trails were not the only trails hurt by the storm. All the clubs in the area had similar if not worse damage.

Credit needs to be given to a group of volunteers called “Team Rubicon”. They are a group of veterans that volunteer when disasters hit anywhere in the world. For 10 days in later September and early October they worked on opening snowmobile trails for all the local clubs. Gary Wagner helped show them the trails they were assigned to in the Red Arrow network. Again, words simply cannot describe the work these people (men and women) did for our communities. Sandy Wagner and Deb Uhlenbrauck planned and served three meals a day for the team for the entire time they were in our area. Food was provided thru donations from many community businesses and organizations. Thank you to all helped in any way to make their stay here a productive one.

At this time safety equipment was purchased to provide any members PPE to use when using a chain saw while working on club trails.

November saw a lot of work continue to clean up storm damage. Membership is up to 483 at this time.

December saw membership rise to 509. Early heavy snowfall got the snow season going early and fast this year. Of course, that heavy wet snow brought down more trees and the volunteers started all over again clearing trails. Trails opened during the holidays and fun sledding was had by all.


History of Red Arrow for 2020

January saw busy snowmobile trails, lots of trail grooming, a club Christmas Party and the annual Bonfire in the Woods. Through all the adversity the club endured the last six months, events were planned and enjoyed. The February Fish A Ree was planned. New club membership year was announced at the Christmas Party. New membership year will run from July 1 to June 30 of the next year regardless of when dues are paid after the July 1 date. This change was made to coincide with the AWSC membership year and the snowmobile trail pass year. All clubs in the state have changed to this new membership year format.

The Fish A Ree in February was once again a huge success. Once again it needs to be noted here that many hours are spent by many volunteers to make this happen.

March saw the end of the snowmobile season and work started to plan work on the summer trails. The first ever groomer appreciation party was held at Phil’s Philling Station. This was for all snow groomers drivers for all the clubs in Oconto county. It was well attended and a great way to recognize the groomer drivers that do their work in the dark while we sleep.

Then—Covid-19 hit. Life came pretty much to a standstill for most people. Club membership meetings were canceled and board meetings were held by tele conference.

June 6 saw the annual membership meeting held at the clubhouse instead of the Townsend Town Hall. Face masks and hand sanitizer were provided. Social distancing was accomplished by using the entire building with the doors open on both ends.

Officers serving the club for the next year are Gary Wagner, President; Kody Heil, Vice President; Wendy Heil, Administrative Secretary; Sandy Wagner, Membership Secretary; Kris Barthel, treasurer and Trail boss, Kody Heil. Board members are Tim Barthel and Mike Malueg with one position left unfilled.

July 2020 saw the beginning of a new membership year for Red Arrow. Current membership is 505 families and business boosters combined. Membership Secretary, Sandy Wagner, sent out notices to all members to inform members the need to renew their memberships at this time. Many members responded to this first and later on a second reminder.

Gary Wagner has set up a program to have the 2016 Tucker serviced at the Tucker dealer in Monico in the even years and the 2019 to be serviced in the odd years. The service on the 2016 Tucker was completed and accepted after inspection by Gary Wagner. The 2019 Tucker routine maintenance will be done by club members during the summer/fall months.

The club purchased a new Polaris Ranger for use on the trails. In the past club members were using their own personal vehicle and per the direction of Gary Wagner the club shopped for and purchased the Ranger from Lakewood Motorsports. At this time the Ranger is serving the club well for the purpose it was purchased.

Covid-19 has cancelled many events this year including the 4th of July parade. Red Arrow has always participated in the parade with a Tucker, the John Deere tractor and many club members riding on their own machines. Maybe next year!

The annual Corn Roast planning is in full swing at this time. Gary Wagner is working with the Lakewood/Townsend ambulance service to have them put together some first aid kits for club use. The cost will be $64 apiece and Red Arrow has ordered 6. Paul Bunyon and Hidden Bear will be receiving some of these kits also. Hopes are to never have to use them, but they will be available to all work crews.

September 2020 saw a very successful Corn Roast Fundraiser. Hand sanitizer was provided throughout the event area and mask wearing and social distancing was encouraged.

Fall trail work, which included brush hogging, grooming and tree clean-up is in full swing at this time. It needs to be noted that Mike Malueg and Mike Ott have stepped up to organize and do a lot of this work. President Gary Wagner is having health issues so the two Mike’s and many other club members have stepped up to get the job done. All monthly club meetings for the upcoming season are cancelled. The club feels that there is not an appropriate venue to have meetings that will provide the social distancing that is necessary.

During this busy fall season, Mike Malueg stepped up to take the Trail Boss Position. With Mike’s leadership the prep for the snow season continued. He saw to it that equipment was maintained and ready for grooming season. New and returning groomer drivers were trained and made ready for the season.

Christmas party for January 2021 was cancelled after discussion amongst the board members. Per Gary Wagner’s suggestion the board approved the purchase of a leaf blower and a Honda Invertor generator. It has been an ongoing project of Gary’s to upgrade the tools and equipment that are needed to maintain the trails and equipment. Successful fundraising has helped accomplished this with no debt being incurred by the club.

December 2020 saw the cancellation of the Fish A Ree due to Covid-19 issues. A Winter Raffle ticket is being planned and will be sent out to club members.

The year ended with the club in a very good financial position. There is no club debt on any equipment and the club deposits accounts are in good shape going into the next year.


History of Red Arrow for 2021

January started with not enough snow to open the trails. The Christmas Party was cancelled due to Covid-19. The Bonfire in the Woods was cancelled because the trails were not open due to lack of snow.

The trails did finally open on February 6 with just enough snow to do so.

With the Fish A Ree cancelled, the board had decided to have a Winter Raffle ticket to be drawn on the same day the Fish A Ree would have been held. An awesome ticket was put together with all prizes being donated by the sponsors listed on the ticket. The drawing was held in February 20 at the clubhouse. The raffle ticket proceeds were great and will go a long way to help support the club.

February saw the club President, Gary Wagner undergoing double transplant surgery in Madison. He received a new liver and kidney. At this time other board members stepped up to help with the day-to-day duties in running the club with Gary being just a phone call away to give advice.


February 2021 saw one of the shortest snowmobile seasons of recent record. The trails were open for a short 2 weeks this year. Trail boss Mike Malueg and the great group of groomer drivers did an excellent job keeping the trails in good shape. A shortage of snow and some extremely cold weather were just some of the challenges that they overcame during the short season. Hoping for more snow and a much longer riding season next year.

March and April saw planning for the annual general membership meeting to be held on April 24, 2021 at the Townsend Town Hall at 9AM. Gary Wagner, President will no longer seek to hold the President position. Sandy Wagner, Membership Secretary also will no longer seek to hold the Membership Secretary position. Kris Barthel, Treasurer will no longer seek to hold the Treasurer’s position. These three positions along with one of the three board seats will be up for election on April 24, 2021. Open positions that needed filling were the Vice-President and Administrative Secretary.

April also sees the work start on making sure the atv/utv trails are ready for opening day. Clearing out downed trees, fixing washouts and making sure trail signage is correct will be done by the trail boss and a group of volunteers. This April also was the first time in recent history that Red Arrow along with Hidden Bear did not offer an atv safety class. The DNR will not sponsor an in-person class during the Covid-19 pandemic. Students were encouraged to take an online class to receive their safety certification.

The April Board meeting on April 1 was the first such meeting since January. One of the main topics discussed was the election of new officers. Other items covered were equipment maintenance and the planning of summer activities. Some of these issues will be handled at the next board meeting with the new officers in place.

ATV/UTV trails in Oconto County opened on Friday April 23, 2021. Trail inspection, grooming, clearing of trees and brush and wash out repair were done before trail opening. A washout on the NST south of the Townsend BP will need repair done by the county. The county was notified and club members have marked the area as a caution area to keep riders safe. The washout will be fixed by either the county or a contractor hired by Red Arrow. As it turned out, Red Arrow hired a local contractor to do the repairs.

The annual membership meeting was held on April 24, 2021 at the Townsend Town Hall. 54 members and guests attended the 9AM meeting.

Elections were held for club officers. The new officers leading the club are Bob Berth, President; Mike VandeWalle, Vice President, Chuck Searl, Treasurer; Tracy Wiebensohn, Membership Secretary, Administrative Secretary is unfilled, Board Members are Tim Barthel, Mike Malueg and Rick Van Asten. Trail Boss is Mike Malueg and Gary Wagner fills the Past President position. Three to four weeks after the meeting Heidi VandeWalle came onto the board as Administrative Secretary.

The officers leaving positions at this time are Gary Wagner, President; Sandy Wagner, Membership Secretary; and Kris Barthel, Treasurer. Gary implemented many changes in the club while President. Two new Tucker Sno-Cats were purchased, the Bonnell road grader, event trailer and numerous pieces of shop equipment and tools were added to the club inventory of trail maintenance equipment. Storage in both buildings was upgraded. Trail and signage improvements were made for both summer and winter trails. Fund raising events were an incredible success under his leadership. These fundraisers helped leave the club with no outstanding loans as of April 2021. Note that both Sno-Cats were financed initially, but both of those loans were paid in full well ahead of schedule due to very successful fundraising. Sandy Wagner saw many changes in the membership secretary position. The snowmobile trail pass program by the AWSC and the DNR saw several changes, which necessitated changes in the club membership year. During this time club membership grew from 360 to over 550 members. Kris Barthel oversaw many changes in the treasurer position and duties. Complete and accurate financial reports kept board members and the club members informed as to the financial health of the club.

Summer of 2021 saw the ATV/UTV trails open and were enjoyed by many riders throughout the season.

May saw the resignation of Mike Vande Walle as club Vice-President and Heidi Vande Walle as administrative secretary, due to personal reasons. The board members will look into filling both of those positions.

On June 12, 2021 Gary and Sandy Wagner represented Red Arrow in Omaha, Nebraska to receive the National Snowmobile Club of the Year award for 2021. This honor given to one club in the nation by ACSA, The American Council of Snowmobile Associations. At the awards banquet the club was also informed that Red Arrow would be inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in Eagle River, Wisconsin on September 18, 2021 as the International Snowmobile Club of the year for 2021.

During the time between June and September the club made two banners that showcase the clubs state, national and international awards. You can look for them around town and will also be displayed at club events. T-shirts were also made up with again the state, national and international awards on them. The shirts were printed and were available for sale at the Corn Roast Fundraiser.

September 4, 2021 was the club’s 15th annual Corn Roast fundraiser. Once again Josh and Cassie from Old Town Hall worked with the club to make the event a huge success. The day started with a light rain, but cleared up in time for the ATV/UTV parade lead by Grand Marshall, Gary Wagner. The skies continued to clear up throughout the day and the event saw a record turnout of people coming to support the club. Thank you to Josh, Cassie, all the club volunteers and to all the folks that showed up to enjoy the event. This year’s event will once again be remembered as the biggest and best yet! Quick fact: 140 dozen ears of corn were picked by club members the afternoon before and once again cooked to perfection by the two best corn cooker guys around- Dan Jones and Dave Hinkens. Thanks guys!

Club officers started to work with the Town of Townsend to erect a Welcome to Townsend sign on HWY 32 coming into the town from the south. This sign will again showcase the state, national and international awards the club has received. Every member of the club from the humble beginnings in 1969 to the present should be extremely proud of these accomplishments. Top club in the world is pretty awesome.

September and October will see the club moving ahead to trail brushing for the upcoming 2021-2022 snow season. Planning for the Christmas Party, snowmobile safety class, Bonfire in the woods and the Fish A Ree will continue. All this is done with hopes of a great snowmobile season to come.