Our First Storage Shed and Equipment from 1990’s

Building of the First Storage Shed

First discussion on building a storage shed was at the August 10, 1995 club meeting. Talk centered on leasing some land from the town.

In October of 1995 the idea of leasing land from the town looks to be feasible so club members started looking into prices for the building. At the April 16, 1996 meeting it is recorded that the club can lease land from the town across from Smitty’s. Price would be $800.00 for a lifetime lease. A motion was made and passes to do so. A budget of $12,000.00 was set for the shed.

At the May 19, 1996 board meeting quotes were presented and a suggestion was made to get quotes on a larger building in case a longer drag is purchases in the future. At the October 16, 1996 club meeting the price of a new shed was approved at $13,400.00, $700.00 for site work and $2800.00 for the door openers. Cleary Builders will be the contractor.

November 22, 1996 the cost of the shed is $16,250.00 plus $450.00 for rezoning. The land for the shed is officially leased now on Smokey Lake Lane.

December 17, 1996 club meeting report shows the building is up and ready to be used. Open house is planned for October 19, 1997.

Significate equipment purchases

12/17/91   $800.00 winch to help groomer get up icy hills

1/8/92         Radios for the groomers to carry

2/8/93         Case Int. 4WD tractor $45,000   Trail Master Drag $7000

18/19/93     Sold one of the track trucks for $9900

2/25/96       Club members agreed to start paying the groomers $6.00 an hour

10/26/96     Inventory shows the club owning $60,000 worth of equipment

12/27/97   Club members approved purchase of a bulk fuel tank

7/2/98         Buying a box scraper for $3000

10/21/98     Voted to purchase a Maxium 120 Case tractor for $26,800

9/22/99       Purchased a bucket for $7322