JB’s Riding Report

Disclaimer: The following posts are the personal opinion and experiences by Club Past President John Brantmeier. They do not reflect or are endorsed as the official position of Red Arrow Snowmobile ATV Club Inc. They are posted merely to give website visitors an idea where you might want to ride.

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2017-2018 Season riding Reports

March 03, 2018 The Ugly, the bad and the good from John Brantmeier

Ugly is the Nicolet State Trail…totally melted down. if you are trailing up unload at the town lot south of the salt shed and take the first right turn trail into the woods. Bad is a few melt outs and standing water spots once you get into the woods. Good is decent to fair riding in the woods for the most part. There is a 4-5 inch base in most areas of the east side trail system. The west side and Bob Kroll are a little thinner but still very rideable. I put on about 40 miles this morning riding the east side and west side down to Carl’s Kiosk and back via the PBT east of Pine Tree thru Cathedral Pines and back home. So far this season I have ridden 1702 miles. Hopefully the snowstorm predicted for Monday and Tuesday will keep the trails open a little longer!


February 10, 2018…Finally getting around to doing some posting here. have ridden 1442 miles so far this season and for the most part it has been great. Have been to the Crocker Hills, Marinette County twice, the big loop thru Argonne and Hiles up to almost Eagle River, over to the White Tail Inn and back down the Nicolet Trail. Plus lots of shorter trips around our area. We also went to Michigan for four days and rode the Keweenaw north of Houghton as well as a day south on Trail 3 to Rockland. Personally I think the UP trails are overrated. We have been up there many times over the years and still prefer riding Northern Oconto County along with Langlade, Forest, Florence and Marinette county trails. Less Pressure so far smoother and well groomed. Hope to keep riding and will try to keep the posts coming. Ride safe!!

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Wednesday February 15th, 2017: Well it has been quite the winter for me. Did not get out at all before Christmas due to family commitments. The week after Christmas i was gassing up one of my sleds at Townsend Shell and tipped it over backing up and hurt my right leg and left shoulder. After a trip to Antigo to find no broken bones it was over a month before i was back on my machine in early February. Riding totals about 750 miles so far with trips to Argonne, Crocker Hills, Armstrong Creek and various tours of our club trails. As of today the forecast is for 50 degree temps for the weekend. Busy tomorrow so the season may be over but hoping for a cold March. Bummer year all the way around.

Friday December 9th, 2016  Here we go with my first post of the season. The guys have done a great job of getting ready for the riding season. Right now the expected Polar Vortex is just the right thing to get us ready for a great season. Frost in the ground now will help us keep a good base all thru the riding season. Looking forward to some snow in a week or so and hopefully some riding yet before the New Year is upon us. Please do not attempt to ride until the official opening. Forest gates and mudholes not frozen over can be hard on you and your sled…see you on the trail!

A Post From 2015-16 Season..

Friday February 26th  Finally get to ride again. Ron Popp and I are going to make the Crocker Hills run one more time this season. We met about 10:30 at the T just north of Townsend and took the short loop up to Wildwood Trail and over to the Valley Inn. The 100 Miler groomer had just been thru so we followed the old Red Ball over to the T and headed west to Lily. The Lily trails were freshly groomed all the way to the Lily clubhouse. As we headed thru the Crocker Hills we were pleasantly surprised to see that their groomer had just done the whole system all the way south. We were glad we had one last chance to ride those beautiful rolling hills. Once we got back to the Wolf River State Trail we had fresh groomed trails all the way to White Lake. Lunch at the Black Bear where we met up with Andy Kostelny who was hauling seed corn. Good lunch and nice chat and we were on our way back east. As usual the area around the Langlade Bridge was really bad but we gritted out teeth and soon got to better snow east of Langlade. The Polar groomer was out doing the Boulder Lake trails and they were flat but short on lubrication so he headed north towards Townsend via Saul Springs and the Bob Kroll Memorial. Red Arrow trails were groomed a few days ago and were flat with some loose snow. Be careful of some bumps not filled in with snow and a few rocks popping thru. Trail was good all the way to the Valley Inn and back down to Surprise Lake where we cut across to the Townsend Flowage and back home. 85 miles of really nice riding with temps in the high 20s and almost all freshly groomed trails.Now have ridden about 950 miles this season which is way below normal. Usually at least 2000 miles for me. A late start and multiple warm-ups have made for a tough year. All the clubs have done a great job with the small amount of snow that we have gotten. Hope we can ride some more in March.