Humble Beginnings From Dedicated Members


With the anticipated 50 year anniversary of the Club approaching, newly elected President Joe Kampf (2013), assigned Mary Stehula, as current Secretary, the project of compiling the Club’s history.

Requests for volunteers were made and the following people accepted the challenge: Teresa Erler, Kathie Marsh and Mary Stehula. Needing more commitment, a call for help was answered by Sandy Wagner.

We each agreed to take a decade of the Club’s history and compile it, using key points such as equipment purchases, officers/board members and notable activities. This is the information that’s available for your reading on this Red Arrow website. In addition, we did interview some Club members and appreciate their input. More information can be added.

Thanks to the efforts and dedication of this committee; we hope you enjoy reading your Red Arrow Club History. The public can view this history and share in the pride of the Club’s accomplishments.