DNR/AWSC Snowmobile Trail Pass Ordering Info



  • You must have your AWSC number.  You can find this on the label of the AWSC Magazine or it can be found by using the membership inquiry on the AWSC site.
  • Your name and address as recorded on your AWSC membership must match exactly with your WI DNR name and address on file.  (ex: ‘Robert” and “Bobby” do not match)
  • You can update and confirm your information with the WI DNR at https://gowild.wi.gov or call 888.936.7463 
  • Both memberships (Snowmobile club & AWSC) must be current
  • Renew early – it takes processing time for your club and AWSC to update!


  • Your WI DNR snowmobile registration must be current and registered under your name
    • Double check at https://gowild.wi.gov or call 888.936.7463
    • You must enter your WI DNR snowmobile registration number to order passes every time (ex: 2234AW)
    • Registation numbers entered for Trail Passes must match with the WI DNR’s records
  • The age of your snowmobile matters:
    • If your snowmobile is 34 years old or Newer, a trail pass is REQUIRED
    • If your snowmobile is 35 years old or Older, a trail pass is NOT REQUIRED


  • Can only be ordered through the AWSC: online (https://awsc.org/Trail-Pass-Registration/Order-Passes-Online), mail in form with a check, or call the AWSC (608-846-5530) with a Credit Card during business hours
    • No pickup – No one has Trail Passes on hand for immediate purchase; so plan ahead
  • You can legally ride with your Trail Pass receipt
  • Are mailed from the DNR and can take up to 21 days for delivery via US mail
  • NOTE: Call the AWSC office after 30 days of order date but before 60 days if your Trail Pass hasn’t arrived by mail
  • No refunds

Red Arrow suggests you order any time after July 1st before the upcoming snow season!

If you have any questions about ordering the trail pass, please contact the AWSC at 608-846-5530.

See you on the trails!!