Clint Aderholdt Early Interview


Clint’s Reflections:

Jeff kroll and Clint Aderholdt were local kids riding around the “bumpy ass” trails– seemed to be more trails – any cart path was a trail. It would be nice to have some of them back but would be hard to do – that was in the 70’s; riding Foxtrack and John Deere snowmobiles (Jeff’s dad, Bob Kroll was dealer for both). Don’t know how they ever did that with that John Deere caterpillar and a homemade drag. Don’t know what mileage was back then but we groomed a lot of trails. What got me involved in the club is trail quality they got these track trucks that really didn’t do the job so I thought I should get involved. In that same time Dean Grobe sold me 2 brand new snowmobiles now in the 90s; didn’t do a lot of trail riding in the 80’s.

A transition from Harold Smits to Dan Pries is when we got involved. Dan was shucking out the old ways and bringing in the new ways. That’s when we got our first tractor, a Case tractor. That’s when everybody was trying out tractors and we were told that will never work. What is every club using now? Low maintenance and easy to operate.

We probably joined due to new ideas and because Dan was a friend. I was elected after Dan/Harold again then Clint. Two terms was enough– couldn’t commit the time that should and have to commit. Elected to Board in 94? We did a lot of things as a club – main objective trail quality

Harold was president when first storage building was built – mid to late 90’s that was a good undertaking for us, too. Prior to that we had our stuff stored in an old garage by the ball diamond which the town owned – there was a garage where the concession stand is now where we stored stuff but the tractor wouldn’t fit so it was outside all of the time so we decided we needed a building, paid cash for it.

Clint was elected after Harold, t

he year when Wagners, Bronolds, Stehulas, Bieses and Vanderverens joined. Had a major breakdown early in season and had to lease a tractor from Quinlan’s. Cost 10 grand to fix that year.

Ron Wagner spearheaded the idea of having trail marking system with posts Pat Harrison helped with installation has anyone ever used?

In 90’ we went 100% AWSC (Clint on board) 95-96 prior to that we weren’t affiliated with AWSC. Ray Vybril was instrumental in getting all the clubs in the county involved in AWSC. previous to Kurt Butler as county director. Dan president?   exact timing

Fish a ree – always looked forward to as kids. It was always on the lake in a tent with drag races. There were some good drag races. Everybody went. There were snowmobiles crawling all over the lake. The event lost a lot of its prestige/value when moved off the lake. Understand the safety factor and dealing with good/bad ice – moved to Hillcrest for these reasons: snowmobile softball was done a couple years tried radar runs, had vintage thing too, Dan was involved.

Had October swap meet in 93/94/95 when Dean Grobe had the SkiDoo shop in town. He had a display of new products, people brought parts, etc. cooked burgers, fundraiser. First year well received – but had a lot of people going through traveling highway would stop to see what’s going on. Dean was on Board until his death. 96 (same as Clint’s accident 12/31/96)

Our leadership has progressed in our last two presidents. Lee changed the meetings; the presentation of the level, remember when before him everybody was shouting at each other, there was always controversy, bickering between members and president. Lee started with bringing it down, ran a good meeting, a tight ship, progressed to John no arguing, no loud voices, more professional, informal meeting everybody seemed to be more cordial.   Not waiting for somebody to pounce on somebody.


Mary Cooley was club secretary/treasurer for a long time, then Lisa Grobe Diamond and Vicki Aderholdt, club voted to separate offices: Patty Steinert/t. Vince McCabe/ MaryAnn Legler,t. Jim Weyers, Jay VanThiel, Mary Stehula/Terry DeMoulin

Dan Pries has really played a big part of the club, he knows what it takes, hope that he remains.

MS 9 /7/13