2010 to 2014 History


Red Arrow History – 2010 – 2014

1-10: Norine Brooks reported 59 people attended the Red Arrow Christmas Party at Hillcrest where Ron & Dorothy Wagner were recognized and given a “Life Time Achievement Award” for their many years of service to the club. John Brantmeier informed the club that the Board of Directors has approved forming a building fund. He stressed the need for our equipment to be stored in a safe and weather proof environment.

2-10: Trail conditions, Fish-A-Ree planning, MS ride and Bonfire/Wiener Roast/Vintage Ride were meeting topics.

4-10: The annual report to the Town of Townsend by John Brantmeier included: in July, our Club donated approximately $9,000.00 to the town for the purchase of a water truck used for dust control…With the opening of the new Nicolet Trail the club worked with the Forest Service to finally open Wildwood Trail on the north end of the town for ATV use. Our Club spent about $4,000.00 of our own funds to remove rocks along this trail. Our 18 month old website www.redarrowtownsend.com has generated over 14,000 individual home page hits. Club plans include building a new storage building for our growing list of equipment due to adding ATV responsibility. We ask that the township work with us to find a location for this building. The most cost effective solution would be on the existing site either thru expansion of the existing building or a second building.

4-17-10 Annual Meeting: Thanks to Ski-Doo and Lakewood Motor Sports for a $1500.00 donation thru registrations for the Ski-Doo Million Dollar Club giveaway last fall. Also, thanks to Jim Weyers and Mark Biese for gathering forms at the Corn Roast.

Election results: John Brantmeier, President; Tim Brooks, First Vice-President; Pat Harrison, Second Vice President; Jim Weyers, Treasurer; Mary Stehula, Secretary; Clint Aderholdt, Director; Jeff Kroll, Trail Boss; two Director positions not expired are currently held by Ron Popp and Dan Pries.

A WATVA Regional meeting sponsored by Red Arrow, Crooked Trail Riders and Hidden Bear Trail ATV Clubs will be held here in July.

7-10: Newsletter shared awareness that “it is now possible to ride your ATV or UTV across Oconto, Marinette, Forest and Florence counties without ever using a trailer; a reminder that the fine for speeding is $501.00!!!

4-11: Copied from newsletter: Letter to Town of Townsend: Each year the Town of Townsend asks area clubs and organizations to give a report at their annual meeting in April. The Red Arrow report for this year is quite impressive so we decided to reprint it for all our members to review. Red Arrow has accomplished a lot and we thank all our members who have been involved in any of the things on the following list:


April 12th, 2011           To: Town of Townsend           Re: Annual Meeting Report


Thank you for all the support that Red Arrow has received from the Town of Townsend the last 5-6 years. We would like to review what we have accomplished during that time to make our area a premier snowmobile and ATV destination.


  • Partnered with the DNR, DOT, Forest Service, Oconto County and the Town of Townsend to finally get a true trail thru Townsend for Snowmobiles, ATV’s cyclists and walkers. Hundreds of hours of volunteer Red Arrow and town official work made this happen.


  • Supported the Town of Townsend decision to open the town roads for ATV use. When dust became an issue the club donated $9,000.00 to the town for the purchase of a water truck and then spent another $1,000.00 for a new pump to fill the truck. We share the expense of a driver with the town.


  • Moved the Fish A Ree to the town hall. This has resulted in a much more community supported event as local citizens can come in street clothes. Attendance and profits have grown substantially since the move.
  • Purchased a used tracked Ultimate Groomer…previously the club had one tractor and an 8 foot wide drag to do all of our snowmobile trails.
  • Traded our 9 year old tractor for a new 2007 John Deere and purchased a 2nd 10 ft Ultimate drag. We now have two power units, two 10 foot drags and a back-up 8ft drag. In addition we just purchased a Land Pride leveler for use on the Nicolet Trail during the summer.
  • Upgraded all of our signage & kiosks on the snowmobile trails making it much easier to find your way around our part of the area wide trail system. We are gradually taking all the signs off of trees and putting them on steel posts per a request from the National Forest Service. Currently we are about 66% done with this project.
  • Our club provided the leadership for 6 ATV Clubs from Forest and Oconto County to meet quarterly with National Forest Service Staff to improve ATV riding opportunities on the Nicolet National Forest Footprint. Our first 6 club goal was to connect all towns in the north of Oconto County and the south of Forest County. This goal has been reached and it is now possible to get to every ATV trail in Forest, Florence, Marinette and Oconto County from Townsend without using a trailer. Sometimes it is a long way around but possible. Now the group is working to add additional miles of ATV trails. You can already ride an ATV all the way to Michigan trails if you want.
  • Took over a summer fundraiser called the Corn Roast four years ago after it was launched by the Valley Inn. This event on Labor Day weekend has proven quite successful both at fundraising and bringing people to Townsend on the last big weekend of the year.
  • Partnered with the Forest Service, the DNR and Oconto County to fill the mud holes and remove rocks on Wildwood Trail (the trail east at the county line to Spring Lake Road) utilizing ATV grant money. This trail had been very difficult to groom and was a hazard for riders for years…especially during low snow conditions.
  • We spend approximately 1000 volunteer hours per year maintaining and upgrading our ATV and Snowmobile trails around Townsend. We have widened, brushed and leveled almost every trail in the area that we are responsible for. Currently, we have about 275 individual, family and business booster members…many who help with the work.
  • Launched our website www.redarrowtownsend.com about two years ago….over 29,000 individual hits to date. This winter we had an average of 1000 hits a week from Christmas to mid March and lots of good comments.
  • The club obtained a grant and is working with the Forest Service (with township support) to gravel the Forest Service portion of the Nicolet Trail from the Valley Inn to the county line this summer.
  • Finally, with township support we are constructing a 3 bay groomer storage equipment building on the same Hummingbird Lane site where the current club building is located. Fundraising for this building has been going on for four years. We expect this to be finished before the next snow season.


Again, Thanks for your past support!!! The Board of Directors and membership of Red Arrow appreciate our great working relationship and look forward to continued cooperative efforts to promote Townsend.


6-10-11 Annual Meeting: With the new trail to Animal’s Bear Trail and the upgrades to Wildwood Trail Townsend is really seeing an upswing in traffic. New Storage Building: By the time you receive this newsletter the building should be fully framed and getting ready for the steel. A big thanks to Kroll Excavating (Jeff Kroll Trail Boss) for doing the site prep work at a greatly reduced rate. Also thanks to club member Mark Stehula, owner of Complete Plumbing in Appleton, for spending the better part of two Saturdays doing the catch basin and drain work for no labor charge. Finally long time member Frank Erler and his Erler Concrete team did a great job on the concrete floor for the building. Frank gave the club a good sized discount for his work and we thank him.

Election of Officers: John Brantmeier, President; Tim Brooks, 1st Vice President; Pat Harrison, 2nd Vice President; Mary Stehula, Secretary; Jim Weyers, Treasurer; Jeff Kroll, Trail Boss and Ron Popp, Director; continuing their Director terms: Dan Pries and Clint Aderholdt.


6-25-11 ATV Trail Report:

  1. Trail to Animals and 9 Mile Resort is now open….signage is ordered
  2. Animals to Nicolet Trail slated for later this summer…will go past Half Way Bar and cross Hwy 32 to Thelen Road and Nicolet Trail…Total loop is approx 40 miles…almost all gravel or dirt. Hidden Bear Trail and the Red Arrow Clubs will “sign” the trails through a motion to spend $100 by Ron Popp, seconded by Jim Weyers which is half of the cost.
  3. New trails and routes opened in western Marinette County off Woodland Trails system
  4. Mole Lake to Wolf River Trail to Crandon open but connector from Roberts Lake to Wolf River Trail still in progress.
  5. New connector from Nicolet Trail to Blackwell now funded and should go forward…this will connect Nicolet Trail with Goodman Park Road and northern Marinette County.
  6. FCATVA working on connector thru Ada Lake and then Ada Lake Road would open
    9-11: After three plus years of work the new 40 mile riding loop west of Townsend is open all the way. You can now start at the Shell Station head north and west, then south to Animals and then south and back northeast to the Nicolet Trail south of Lakewood and back to the Shell Station.
  7. Hand Trail Brushing…form Adopt-A-Trail teams as in previous years
  8. 8-11: New Townsend/Doty/Riverview Loop to open soon: After three years of hard work the new 40 plus mile loop will open soon. Only the signage has to be installed by the Forest Service so we expect a September opening. The south end of the loop will intersect with the Nicolet Trail south of Lakewood near the Zoo. After crossing Hwy 32 at Thelen Road the trail loops south pas t the Halfway Bar. Follow the signs down to Mountain Lakes Road and Back up Blue Spruce Road and across the Tornado area to Hwy T and Animal’s Bear Trail. From there take the newly opened north end of the loop back to Diamond Roof Road and on to Townsend and back to the Nicolet Trail. Making the whole loop is expected to clock about 40 miles on your ATV. Thanks to the Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club for getting all the permits and paperwork done to make this happen. Red Arrow started the process over 3 years ago before Hidden Bear Trail was formed but they did a great job of finishing this great addition to our ATV riding opportunities.
  9. Lots of new riding opportunities in Florence and Forest County off the Nicolet Trail so all are accessible from Townsend without trailering.
  1. Ron Popp…east side of Hwy 32 with help from Fisher brothers
  2. Jeff Kroll…Nicolet Trail from county line to Ambulance Garage
  3. Jim Weyers/Dale Ott…Mosquito Lake Road and trail to Engel Road
  4. Tim Brooks…behind gates Engel Road to Forest Hill road(both parts of Y)
  5. Carl n Crew…Sawyer Lake Road to Fanny Lake Rd
  6. Dan Pries/Clint Aderholdt…Fanny Lake Road to Animals2-12: Groomer Building Dedication/Club Bonfire and Vintage Sled Ride: On Saturday January 28th we dedicated our new groomer building with over 250 snowmobilers and area residents in attendance.   It was an honor to have Miss Emily Bauer, AWSC Miss Snowflake 2012 attend and help us dedicate the building. In addition to the dedication we had a bonfire,   free hot dogs, hot tamales and hot chocolate available from 11AM to 3PM. Vintage sleds met at the Townsend Town Hall at 11AM for a ride to the event. Sleds were displayed outside and Dan Pries had two of his nicer old machines in the building as well. The groomer garage is located just north of Townsend on Hummingbird Hill Lane which intersects with Highway 32 right off the Nicolet Trail. Despite the lack of snow riders are still finding the Townsend trails ridable. In areas that are unplowed roads the trails are still very good to excellent. The woods trails have less snow and are “snirty” in some places. Now that the weather has cooled down we are resuming grooming as of Tuesday the 7th of Feb. Fresh snow will dictate how often we groom but don’t give up on us. North and west of Townsend the trails are still reported as being in ridable condition as well.New UTV Registration Bill Highlights: Effective July 1st the Permanent Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Registration program will replace the current temporary program in place for the last three years. Highlights include: Creates a new UTV decal UTV public registrations will be $30 / 2 years …UTVs owners will be able to purchase non-resident trail passes…UTV’s will be included in the ATV snowplowing law….Tampering with UTV hour meters and odometers / same protection as ATV…User generated funding for trails…. Maximum passenger & seating requirements…Definition of the UTVPrivate / agriculture UTV registration will be exactly the same as ATV private registrations….For public UTV & ATV registrations, in addition to the 2 side decals furnished by DNR, owners will furnish their own rear plate…the plates will be 4 inches by 7 ½ inches wide, white in color and letters must be a minimum of 1 ½ inches high with 3/16 inch wide letters. Owners will supply plates (available as a kit for about $12.00 at Lakewood Motorsports) that have the 4 number 2 letter registration number that is also on side decals. Commercial dealers, OEMs, distributors will still register with the DNR but will no longer be issued plates, only decals for a self-provided plate…A new shorter term, non-resident trail pass will be available for both UTVs and ATVs….Effective dates for non-resident trail passes and for permanent ATV and UTV registrations decals will change to April 1st from July 1st A registration free weekend for ATVs and UTVs is added…Certain ATVs that do not currently fit the ATV definition can be registered as UTVs Same safety and education rules will apply to UTV drivers. Complete new rule is on website www.redarrowtownsend.com in the UTV tabPresident’s Report to the Red Arrow MembershipThank you for all the hard work you all did to make the last year so successful. We would like to review what we have accomplished this year as a club to make Townsend a premier snowmobile and ATV/UTV destination.
  8. April 28th, 2012
  9. 4-12: We will sponsor a fund raiser in June for the Mountain ambulance to purchase a Snowbulance. Tim Brooks is chairing the event. The date and place has yet to be determined. Members suggested we need to advertise in Mountain for this not just Townsend
  10. 1-12: Christmas Party: Our Christmas Party was a great success. We had over 75 members and guests attend the event held at Waubee Lake Lodge on Saturday January 14th. Thanks to Mary Stehula and Jim Weyers who chaired this event and Linda Brantmeier who did the Christmas themed decorations. Plan on coming next year….it was a great time!!!
  • Participated in the annual 4th of July Parade with two pieces of our grooming equipment.


  • Held our 5th Annual summer fundraiser… the Corn Roast and ATV Parade. This event on Labor Day weekend has proven very successful both for fundraising and bringing people to Townsend on the last big weekend of the summer.


  • Partnered with the Forest Service, the DNR and Oconto County to gravel Wildwood Trail (the trail east at the county line to Spring Lake Road) utilizing grant money (from our registration fees). This trail had been very difficult to groom and was a hazard for riders for years…especially during low snow conditions.


  • Partnered with the Town of Townsend & Kroll Excavating to obtain a Forest Service Grant to gravel the trail from the Valley Inn to the Forest County line.


  • Donated $1,000.00 to the Townsend-Lakewood Ambulance Service with the help of the folks at Hillcrest and Birch Hills Resort. The money came from a public service fundraiser we held at Birch Hills in June.


  • Built a new groomer storage building on Hummingbird Hill Lane utilizing 100% local contractors and businesses. Thru fundraising efforts the building is debt free. We are in need of funds (about $15,000.00) to finish up with a well and restroom. Dedicated building along with Annual Bonfire and Vintage ride on January 28th.


  • Our winter fundraiser was the 37th Annual Fish A Ree held at the town hall. Despite low snow conditions it was our most successful ever with a record breaking net profit. Thanks to all of you who worked or attended the Fish A Ree.


  • We again spent nearly 1000 volunteer hours       maintaining and upgrading our ATV and Snowmobile trails around Townsend. We have widened, brushed, leveled and updated signage on almost every trail in the area that we are responsible for. …thanks to all of you who helped with the work. Also had club volunteers hold both ATV and Snowmobile Safety Courses for area residents. Opened a new Snowmobile trail this year on Saul Springs Road that gives an alternate route to Animal’s Bear Trail.


  • Partnered with Oconto County Highway Department to legalize four short ditch line routes along County Hwy T for ATV/UTV use where town roads do not line up.


  • Continued growth of our website www.redarrowtownsend.com launched about three years ago….about 30,000 individual hits during the past year. Some winter weeks we had nearly 2,000 unique visitors. Snowmobilers and ATVers know where Townsend is!!!


Thanks for your membership and support this past year!!! You belong to one of the “top five” membership clubs in the state (with about 275 individual, family and business booster memberships) per an AWSC report given at their annual meeting held recently in Manitowoc.


Election of Officers: All existing officers and Dan Pries have volunteered to run for re-election; all nominations were closed and unanimously decided to re-elect all positions.

1-13: After a great start around the holidays our trails are now in poor condition. The rain a week or so ago wiped out the Nicolet State Trail (grade) and the cold weather made ice of everything that was left. The good news is that the base is pretty flat out in the woods so a good snowstorm should get us back in the groove. We have some upcoming turnover in our leadership ranks this year. Vice-President Tim Brooks, Treasurer Jim Weyers and me (President John Brantmeier) have all decided for various reasons not to seek re-election


President John Brantmeier’s Final Report to the Red Arrow Membership

This will be my final report to you after serving as your President for the last five years. Thanks to so many hard working members it has been a time of growth for Red Arrow. Following is a list of the things I can think of:


  • We finished the work started under President Lee Stehula to complete the Nicolet Trail thru Townsend. With the help of the DNR, DOT, Forest Service, Oconto County and the Town of Townsend we finally got the true trail that had been promised for many years. Former town supervisor and Red Arrow member Harold Smits deserves the credit for getting the ball rolling in conjunction with the redo of Hwy 32.
  • We supported the Town of Townsend’s decision to open the town roads for ATV use. When dust control became an issue Red Arrow donated $9,000.00 to the town to buy a water truck. We continue to share the expense of running the truck with the town. Last year Oconto County agreed to open several small ditch line connectors along Hwy T to make it possible to get to town roads that do not line up with each other.
  • We made the change to a year round club and changed our name to welcome the ATV and now UTV riders in our area. This decision also allowed us to maintain the Nicolet Trail in our area year round.
  • We obtained DNR and Forest Service grants to fix the big mud hole and then gravel all of Wildwood Trail as well as the trail across from the Valley Inn to the Forest County Line.
  • We took over sponsorship of the annual “Corn Roast and ATV Parade” from founders Kathy & Willie Evans and Jerry Cady. This event has become our top fundraiser each year for the last three years.
  • We moved the Fish A Ree to the town hall where volunteers have a warm, well equipped place to work. It also is conducive to local residents in street clothes attending the event. Profits have increased greatly with the move.
  • We held charity fundraisers the last two years with the help of Birch Hills Resort. Donations of $1,000.00 have been made each year with checks going to the Townsend-Lakewood Ambulance Service and to the Mountain Ambulance Service as they both serve our trail system. An event is again planned for this year.
  • We started a web site for the club and public about three years ago. This past 12 months we have had around 30,000 individual hits. Some weeks this winter we had nearly 2,000 visitors.
  • We helped found the group of ATV clubs that meets quarterly with the National Forest Service to maintain and site additional trails and routes on the Laona-Lakewood portion of the Nicolet National Forest. This effort has been recognized by WATVA and is serving as a model for a similar group in the Eagle River section of the Forest. The initial goal of connecting all the towns along the trail has been reached and now work is being done on loops and additional connections.
  • Most importantly we realized our dream of many years to build a new groomer storage building on Hummingbird Lane. This 3 bay garage is complete except for a well and toilet. The Board of Directors has approved doing this final work as soon as funds are available. The best part is that as the building stands it is completely paid for due to the hard work of the members fund raising efforts.


I relate all of these accomplishments to you not for individual praise but to highlight what we have done together as a club with nearly 250 family, individual and business booster memberships. Jim Weyers and I step down today proud that we have no debt, all bills are paid and we have over $50,000.00 in the bank for our next grooming equipment purchase. We leave our positions with confidence that the nominating committee has presented you with a team of leaders who will serve the club equally well as we move into our 46th year serving the Townsend area.



Installation of New Officers and Trustee: President, Joe Kampf; 1st Vice President, Larry Market; 2nd Vice President, Tim Brooks; Secretary, Mary Stehula; Treasurer, Terry DeMoulin; Trail Boss, Jeff Kroll and Trustee, Clint Aderholdt.