2000 to 2010 History

Red Arrow Snowmobile Club, Inc.



January Meeting – President Clint Aderholdt – main topic was Fish-o-Ree and elections. Developed an election committee.

A large expense paid to Quinlans for repairs of almost $10,000. Balance including CDs was $55,128.49


February – 16 people attended the general meeting – Fish-o-Ree – balance after $58,634.28


March – 34 people attended – Elections held

President – Bill Bronold

Vice President – Ron Wagner

2nd Vice President – Pat Harrison

Secretary – Patty Heimmerman

Treasurer – Jim Schuessler

Trail Boss – Jeff Kroll

Board – Clint Aderholdt, Dan Pries, Lee Stehula, Carl Vanderveren

County Rep – Dan Pries


September – General Meeting – 27 people attended

Lease of power unit

Amendments to bi-laws discussed

October – General Meeting – 27 people attended

Discussed bi-laws, Christmas party, STAY ON THE TRAIL, club brushing day and fish-o –ree


November – General meeting – 36 people attended

Dan Pries was elected to the Board of Directors for the Oconto County Snowmobile Alliance. Snowmobile safety class available, an Oconto County Sheriff Deputy is patrolling the trails and will write tickets, Discover Wisconsin is filming our trails this winter. Great job brushing! Club is growing! Christmas party is at Hillcrest Lodge


December – General Meeting – 37 people attended

Certified 15 new snowmobile driver in the safety class! Getting the leased Ultimate Power Unit ready to groom.






January – General Meeting – 30 people attended

The power unit groomer was delivered for its annual lease. Club Hats were introduced. Worker scheduling and events were discussed for the Fish-a-Ree. Trail boss, Jeff Kroll, shared his concerns training people on the groomer with so much ice and so little snow.


February – General Meeting 39 people attended

Fish-a-Ree was a huge success! The nominating committee is getting to work to fill the open positions, Brittany Steinert wrote an article which was published in the AWSC magazine.


– Board Meeting – Final plans for the fish-o-ree were discussed. A large portion of the meeting was to deal with rumor control and bar talk regarding board members and officers not doing a good job or not doing their job at all. A final reminder that we all belong to a club we can be proud of because of the hard work and dedication of the board and the officers!


March – General Meeting – 29 people attended

Nominating committee has candidates lined up for April election. Discussed shelving and a venting unit for the garage. The club will be sponsoring Kiddie Cat Racing for the 2006 Fish-a-Ree. The need for better communication between the snowmobile club and the emergency rescue squads was discussed. Dan Pries and Clint Aderholdt are representing our club at the Oconto Snowmobile Alliance meetings.


April – General Meeting – 47 people attended

The lease was up on the Ultimate and the board decided to purchase for a total cost of $50,000. A Committee was set up to discuss safety concerns like upgrading trail markings for rescue purposes. Election of officers was held –

President – Lee Stehula

Vice President – Ron Wagner

2nd Vice President – Pat Harrison

Secretary – Patty Heimmerman

Treasurer – Jim Schuessler

Trail Boss – Jeff Kroll

Board – Dan Pries


August – Board Meeting

Final payment for the Ultimate was made, Insurance was discussed and membership meeting locations for the year were set.


September – General Meeting – 30 people attended

Youth racing was finalized for the Fisheree weekend. Voted to replace the ball field sign, a snowmobile safety course will be held.


October – General Meeting – 36 people attended

Limited info – secretary had emergency


November – General meeting – 33 people attended – Account balances – $37,158.55

The sign committee is working diligently on getting the trials signed. Christmas party planning has started. Trail brushing has been completed. The secretary turned in her resignation to care for her parents.


December – General meeting – 28 members attended – Account balances – $34,980.81

13 new members in the last 2 months, trails are in great condition, new tires on the tractor are mounted and ready to go, fisheree worker sign up begins, ATV trails are being connected to Forest County, US Forest Service GPS coordinate signs are up every half mile so that information can be relayed to the 911 dispatch center.




January – General Meeting – 41 people attended

Received a letter of thanks for donation of food to the Christian Food Pantry from Deb Wycherley, Jeff Kroll – trail boss – reports trails are in good shape, fisheree planning discussions took place, Harold Smits found out that road work in Townsend had the potential to shut down the trail through town. The State has committed to keeping a trail open through town thanks to Smitty’s persistence. Two-year trail maps have been printed and are available.


February – General meeting – 32 people attended

A donation of $2000 was made to the Lakewood/Townsend ambulance service to help defray costs of the safety mile markers on the trails. Fox 11 news gave wonderful coverage of the great snow conditions and the safety mile markers. The new feature – WKSRA snowmobile races at this year’s fisheree were quite entertaining thanks to Rick Opelia for bringing this event to the flowage. Pat Pakulski was the winner of the $1000 gas card.


March – General meeting – 25 people attended

Discussion included a meeting with the DOT and having the DNR Warden attend the annual meeting. The club is interested in having Kitty Kat races on the flowage in 2007.   Gov Doyle signed legislation setting the 55 mph nighttime speed limit to go into effect next year.

Cash on hand $42,327.36


April – Annual Meeting – April 8th – 34 people attended

Looking to replace or upgrade the case tractor, need to raffle a gun for one of the Fishoree prizes, there was a vote to give all the landowners a $25 gift certificate to any one of the Booster Member businesses.

Election of officers was held –

President – Lee Stehula

Vice President – Ron Wagner

2nd Vice President – Pat Harrison

Secretary – Mary Ann Legler

Treasurer – Vince McCabe

Trail Boss – Jeff Kroll

Board – Dan Pries, Clint Aderholdt, Carl Vanderveren


August Update

The board worked hard during the summer to get bids from five dealers and decided to purchase a John Deere 7420 Tractor with bucket. It will be used for clearing, brushing and grooming trails.


September – General meeting – 25 people attended

Thanks to Carl Vanderveren for spearheading the bids for the tractor, and to Jim Holschuch for painting tires on tractor. Dan Pries and Clint Aderholdt will attend Oconto County Snowmobile Alliance meetings, there was a discussion of the ATV trail through Townsend to the Forest County line. It was decided to keep responsibility and control of the trail. John Brantmeier will take ATV job.


October – General Meeting – 28 people attended – Money on hand – $3252.77

Nicolet Trails Meeting, AWSC workshop, Fisheree and brushing were discussed. Brushing will be up this year due to storms with high winds this year. The club will fund the snowmobile safety class.


November – General meeting – 25 people attended – Balance on hand $1701.97

Fishoree raffle tickets are out, gathering of door prizes, and the Christmas party were discussed.


December – General meeting – 36 people attended – Balance on hand $9338.35

Lots of brushing was done, the bucket has been removed from the tractor and the tires have been changed, but the lack of snow is ruining the mood. Lighting was added to the storage shed, Fisheree signup sheets were passed around.




January – General Meeting – 31 people attended – Balance on hand $20003.23

We need snow, lots and lots of snow. Thank you from the Christian Pantry for the donation from the Christmas party. Nomination committee to ready the ballot for next year. Discussion about ATV trail and fencing, Alliance Meeting, there was a great article in the AWSC magazine. Updates about fisheree.


February – General Meeting – 28 people attended – Balance on hand $19,599.87

Discussion regarding the fisheree, nominations for office, the gun raffle was a success – Frank Erler from Townsend was the winner. Stu Roggenbauer won the heaviest fish $100.


March – General Meeting – 27 people attended – Balance on hand $25,650.04

Snow is gone, Lee resigned in February from the president position due to health reasons. Petition was passed opposing extending the use of ATVs beyond the April to October season.


April – Annual Meeting – Balance on hand $22016.83

Tractors are put away, gates are closed. 2 dozen more hats were ordered, changing the location of the fisheree was discussed. Lee was present, thanked the club for the support he received as president and explained his health issues.

Election of Officers was held

President – John Brantmeier

1st Vice President – Ron Wagner

2nd Vice President – Pat Harrison

Secretary – Mary Ann Legler

Treasurer – Vince McCabe

Trail Boss – Jeff Kroll

Trustee – Clint Aderholdt, Carl Vanderveren, Dan Pries


April Board Meeting – the Board decided to move the fisheree to the Townsend Town Hall – it will continue to be a two-day event the second weekend of February.


September – General Meeting – Balance on hand $26,353.57

ATV fundraiser, cooperation with other ATV clubs and the Forest Service to make the best use of the 85 miles on Forest Service land. Groomer operator training and equipment report were given. ATV safety training will be given, discussion regarding website, need to add a Kiosk by Shell Station. Discussion of fisheree and Christmas party.

October – General Meeting – Balance on hand $26,353.57

Dues have increased – single $30, family $35, boosters $50.   The Nicolet Trail will be completed and ready for use this season. Harold Smits worked very hard to see this happen. ATV safety training will be available, discussion of where brushing needs to be done


November – General Meeting – Balance on hand $25,046.06

Thanks to the brushing crew! The club did have input into the fencing through Townsend. It was originally a wire fence but with support from the club and citizens DOT upgraded to a split rail fence – at no expense to the Town. 42 students attended the ATV safety class.   Club Apparel was ordered.


December – General meeting

Access through the new fencing to area businesses is still being worked out. Jeff & Vicky Radish have allowed access on their field to get from the Townsend Flowage to Reservoir Pond. Participation in the new Oconto County ATV alliance was approved. The Ultimate is getting a new track system. Vintage Snowmobile show at the Fisheree this year. Due to lack of snow and the tornado, extra donations are being requested. 9 students completed the snowmobile safety class.




January – Maps are now available, trails are shaping up nicely, member screwed hardened screws into tractor tires and traction is much better now. Clothing orders are filled, looking for a Miss Snowflake candidate. Over 50 members attended the Christmas party. Fisheree donations and raffle tickets were discussed.


February – 28 members present – trails are in good condition, Ultimate needs repairs, a by-laws committee is being set up to make some necessary changes. Joe Paul, DNR Warden attended to discuss fishing rules. We have lots of non-registered riders and riders who are running from Law Enforcement. Nighttime speed limit is 55 but drops to 10 when within 150’ of a building. We have started electronic mailing of newsletters and the website gets about 40 hits per day. Wiener roast was discussed, about 250 attended despite the frigid temps. Kid snowmobile racing at the fisheree this year again. The MS snowmobile run was discussed and the National Take a Friend Snowmobiling Week. Nominating committee needs a new chair.


March – Trails will probably get one more grooming, future building plans and garage door openers were discussed, fisheree was a huge success and next years will be held at the Town Hall again. 40th anniversary of the Club this year!


April Annual Meeting – 6 inches of fresh snow for the meeting – regular meetings will change to monthly due to the addition of ATV activities – third Saturday of each month.  Replaced the drag – $12,000.00 and began discussion of expanding the club building.

Election of Officers –

President – John Brantmeier

1st Vice President – Ron Wagner

2nd Vice President – Pat Harrison

Secretary – Jay VanThiel

Treasurer – Vince McCabe

Trail Boss – Jeff Kroll

Board – Clint Aderholdt, Ron Popp, Dan Pries


June – No quorum – so no official business Balance on hand $31,837.56


July – 17 members in attendance – by-law changes to have regular meetings monthly, and the annual meeting in April to install new officers, ATV fund raiser, 40th anniversary July 4th float, and brushing was on the agenda


September – 32 members present – Corn Roast fund raiser netted $6711, the new drag has been purchased for $7500, a complete review of the by-laws will be done by committee and presented to the board. Nicolet State Trail has been delayed and will not be opened this year.


October – 19 members present – Trail brushing should begin soon. Purchase of used semi-trailer for $500 for additional storage space. By-laws were discussed as to what constitutes a member and their voting privileges. Gathering e-mail addresses so we can electronically send mailings. Website is being developed. Wiener Roast and Fisheree were discussed


November – 25 members present – trails are brushed and smoothed, two culverts were added to provide a safer route. Looking for old club photos, fisheree and Christmas party were discussed.

December – 26 members present – balance on hand $29,803.46 – Will start grooming Dec 22nd, using chains on the John Deere for traction, kiosks are in place, snowmobile safety class is set, website is up, please check for updates and trail conditions, parking is available by the salt shed for day riders, $50 gift certificate to land owners, wiener roast, MS Ride-A-thon and Poker run were discussed.




January – 28 members present – Balance on hand $24,740.41 – 150 hours of grooming completed, trails in good condition, we need more snow. 10 people completed the snowmobile safety class. The website has had over 2000 hits since going live in November. Discussion on wiener roast and MS Charity Ride, the club will not be involved in the poker run. May should be the ground breaking for the new Nicolet Trail for ATV use


February – Balance on hand $26,241.96 (no minutes found)


March – Balance on hand $21,149.61 – $10,000.00 put into CD to target equipment replacement, trails are in poor condition, both drags have cracks in them, neighboring counties have closed trail already. Save about $100 last month using the electronic newsletter. ATV safety classes were discussed.   All office holders are interested in retaining their positions for next year. WATVA honored Roger and Kathy Steinbach as trail ambassadors.

April – 34 members present – Balance on hand $33975.17 – Over 1000 man hours were submitted and over 365 hours of tractor usage reported to the State. The by-law changes were accepted. Need a building addition to store equipment.


May – The Nicolet State Trail is open; dust is a problem. Honorary Member plaques for Smitty and Lee Stehula at the “Trail Dedication”. Can get a loan from Laona State Bank for the building expansion. Doty is trying to get together an ATV club. Working on raffles for the Corn Roast.


June 19th – Nicolet State Trail Dedication


June 20th – Balance on hand $27848.5011 members in attendance – Nicolet State and Wildwood Trails are both open now. Partridge Trail is no longer considered a through road and therefore cannot be used for ATV travel, Corn Roast was discussed


July – Balance on hand $17162.28 plus two $10k CDs – purchase of trail watering truck


August – 13 members present – ATV trails are in good condition from Shell to Valley Inn – DNR and LE are watchful of 10 mph speed limit through Townsend. Building expansion options continue, Corn Roast help is still needed, Town of Doty has some roads open to ATV usage. ATV safety course had 18 students completing.


September – Corn Roast made $1600 more than last year. The purchase of the water truck has really helped the dust issue on the ATV trail, the club will need to borrow around $35k for a new building and the consensus was that was too much debt. Looking for other alternatives – Red Arrow Foundation or Building Fund for donations.


October – 26 members present – Powers Service Center stored the two drags due to lack of storage room. Watering the ATV trail logged over 100 hours of time this year. Vince resigned as treasurer. Map boxes need to be rebuilt because they are too small for current maps. Wiener roast/bonfire sent for January. MS Charity ride was discussed. Fisheree planning begins November – 20 members in attendance, concerns about pending legislation that would tax the club’s equipment was discussed. Trails are brushed and ready. Map boxes are being made and painted. All signage needs to be on posts and not on trees. The board will be responsible for the Fisheree since no one took on the duty. The Club will be sponsoring a snowmobile safety course again.

December – Bonfire/wiener roast, MS Ride, Fisheree, CAP Program, website report on agenda, no minutes found