1990 to 1999 History




March 14, 1990 club meeting   (20 members present)   Club approved to donate $200.00 to the July 4th Fireworks.


March 26, 1990 BOD meeting   Board decided to try and enter the Green Bay Christmas parade. Talked about taking the groomer to the parade on a snowmobile trailer. Discussed prizes for the Labor Day Dance. 1st. a good deer rifle, 2nd and hind ¼ of beef. 3rd $50.00. 4th $25.00.


March 31, 1990 club meeting (37) Trail expenses were $2500 for the season.


Sept. 11, 1990 BOD meeting. Appleton parade is full, we cannot enter. It is the same weekend of opening of deer hunting.


Oct. 10

Dec. 17, 1991 Club meeting. Club will purchase a $800 winch to help groomer go up icy hills.


January 8, 1992 club meeting. Club purchases radio for groomers to carry to communicate while on the trails. Also bought a hydralic winch and 200 feet of cable.


March 17, 1992 club meeting . Started talking about going 100% AWSC with members. County trail maps will be done for the first time this year.

February 8, 1993 club meeting. Purchased Case Int. 4wheel drive tractor. $45,000.00 and a Trail Master drag for $7000.00.

March 18, 1993 (24) club meeting Club dues were raised to $20.00 and the club is going to become 100% AWSC membership status.

Sept. 21,1993 (15) club meeting Wil be grooming with two track trucks this year. Made $250.00 on the fish boil in June-it was a very rainy day.

October 19, 1993 (15) club meeting. Club will be building a bridge behind the gas station. Sold one of the track trucks for $9900.00

Dec. 14, 1993 club meeting. Main discussion was starting to use roads for snowmobile routes, with particular talk about signs and speed enforcement.

Jan. 18, 1994 (14) club meeting. Fish a Ree planning. Raise food prices by 25 cents for all food items.

Feb. 8, 1994 (14) club meeting. Report of 271 hours of grooming so far this year.

March 8, 1994 club meeting. Elections were held, same officers re-elected.

October 13, 1994 (10) club meeting. Tractor and drag paid in full, discussions held on building or renting a storage building for equipment.

December 10, 1994 (14) club meeting. Trail to the ski hill will be changing. Plans made for a club ride and hot dog cook out.

1/5/95 (15) club meeting. Club ride was cancelled –no snow. Boy scouts will have a stand at the fish a reee-selling popcorn and baked goods and they will help with clean-up.

March 9, 1995 (22) club meeting. Discussion held about changing the Labor Day swap meet to another weekend to attract more vendors. Club needs more groomer drivers.

July 20, 1995 Board meeting. Swap meet date will be 10/7/95. Will now be called Red Arrow Snowmobile Winter Sport and Recreation Show. Include all winter sports, lodging restaurants etc.

August 10, 1005 Board meeting. Discussion about leasing land from the town and putting up a pole shed.

October 7, 1995 (54) club meeting. 2 members will be sent to the AWSC workshops. Club can lease land from the town and will start getting prices on a storage shed.

October 26, 1995 (15) club meeting. Working on a trail between Valley View to Townsend. (need cluverts). Working on getting prices for storage building. Trail permission to go over Reininger’s field.

November 13, 1995 club meeting. Trail work being done, shed locations being discussed-by salt shed??. RR grade lease is up, DNR will make it into an all purpose trail.

Jan. 4, 1996 Board meeting. Will start paying drivers?? and need will to provide workmen’s comp.

Jan, 6, 1996 club meeting. Shed on hold. Voted yes to pay groomers.

February 25, 1996 (35) club meeting. Voted on paying the groomers $6.00 an hour.

April 16,996 club meeting. Can lease land across from Smitty for $800.oo from Town (Lifetime Lease). Motion made and passes to do so.   Set a budget of $12,000.00 for the building of the storage shed. Discussed plans for a swap meet in the fall at the town hall.

May 19, 1996. Board meeting. Price of $8950.00 for a 21x56x11 shed. Suggested to get quotes for a larger shed in case we purchase a bigger drag. (30x56x12) 10 foot doors. The town has approved the leasing of the land.

October 26, 1996. Club meeting. Club currently owns $60,000.00 worth of equipment. Voted to build the shed. 30×56 with 12×12 foot doors on each end. $13,400.00 for building, $700.00 site work, $2800 for door openers. Cleary Builders will build shed. Noted that costs will reach $20,000.00.

November 22, 1996 club meeting. Building total is now at $16,250.00. $450.00 for rezoning. Land is now officially leased for $800 from the town of Townsend on Smokey Lake Lane.

December 17, 1996 newsletter states that the building is up and ready to be used.

February 28, 1997. Newsletter- lots of snow this year. Will be holding a benefit dance for Clint Aderholdt who was injured in a snowmobile accident, Fish a Ree was a huge success. Kudo’s to Terry and Sherry Rye.

November 16, 1997 club meeting was held at the new building along with a cookout.

September 22, 1997 club meeting. Planning October 19, 1997 open house for new shed. Pot luck and meeting at the open house.

October 19, 1997 club meeting at the new building. Trail work needs to be done on Sauls Spring Rd and Mosquito Lake Road. Discussion on bringing back the “Business Boosters”

December 27, 1997. Board meeting. Jeff Kroll will be grooming full time. Club has purchased a bulk fuel tank. Voted to purchase new “RedArrow” trail signs.

January 22, 1998. Newsletter. Bob Kroll has passed away. He was one of the founders of the Club. In the beginning used his own equipment on trails until the club purchased their own equipment.

January 31, 1998 club meeting. Smitty suggested a Bob Kroll Memorial Trail.

February 23, 1998 club meeting. Poor snow year. Successful Fish A Ree. Thanks again to Terry and Sherry Rye.

April 29, 1998. Approved buying a box scraper for pre-season trail maintenance.

July 2, 1998. Board meeting. Buying box scraper for $3000.00.

September 16, 1998 Board meeting at Hillcrest. Trail work talk. Fish a ree 1st prize will be a $1000 shell gas card.

September 16, 1998 club meeting. Added Business booster membership for $50.00.

October 21, 1998 Board meeting. Discussed a used tractor from Quinlan for $26,800.00 (Maxium 120 Case). Voted to purchase it.

December 8, 1998 newsletter. Used tractor and box scraper being used on the trails and doing an excellent job.

Club 30 year anniversary!!!!!

December 30, 1998. (51)plus kids Club meeting. Discussions items-expenses, trail etiquette, fish a ree plans. Had a club ride with 38 sleds.

January 19, 1999 club meeting. Troy Hoffmann brought up idea of the club having a website.

February 2, 1999 (25) club meeting at the Golden Eagle. No radar run at Fish a ree (too warm) Johnsonville will be donating brats and hot dogs for the food stand.

February 21, 1999 newsletter Fisharee profit this year is $4525.81.

March 10, 1999 (31) club meeting. Elections. Dan Priess-President, Troy Hofnfmann Vice President, Tom Weyers 1st Vice President, Vicki Aderholdt Sec/Treas, Jeff Kroll Trail Boss.

July 20, 1999 Board Meeting Will be purchasing a Box Loader(bucket) for $8200.00.   Club will be building 6 trail sign boards to hold maps along the trails. Locations: Valley Inn, T and 32, Ski Hill, 3 others to be determined later.   We are setting up the Bob Kroll Memorial Trail-need volunteers.

Sept. 3, 1999 Tom Weyers passed away.

September 22, 1999 (30) club meeting. Box loader cost was $7322.00.   Pat Harrison suggested buying a brush hog.

October 26, 1999 (30) club meeting. Trail work being done. Cost of $2500 to $3000 to widen 3 corners so loader will fit thru. Looking into the purchase of a brush mower.

November 17, 1999 (24) club meeting Club Rides and a safety class for kids discussed.

December 1, 1999 newsletter The Lions club will be putting on a safety course for kids ages 12+. Red Arrow will pay the $5.00 fee. Club ride 1-8-2000 bring a food item to donate.

, 1990 club meeting. (24) Discussed Fisharee prizes. $25,$15,$10.


April 27, 1991 club meeting (29). Voted to purchase a new groomer.