1980 to 1990

Red Arrow History 1980-89

Membership in Club/President

Membership     President /VicePresident/Secretary-Treasurer/Trail Boss

1980: 75               Bill Popp, Tim Baril, Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1981: 81               Bill Popp, Tim Baril, Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1982: 86               John Zimdars, Bill Popp, Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1983: 78               John Zimdars, Bill Popp, Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1984: 76               Tim Baril, Roger Anderson, Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1985: 88               Tim Baril, Roger Anderson, Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1986: 105             Tim Baril, Roger Anderson (1VP), Carl Gast (2VP), Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1987: 98              Jerry Linssen, Pat Lambert (1VP), Dave Dufrane (2VP), Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1988: 96              Jerry Linssen, Pat Lambert (VP1), Dave Dufrane (2VP), Mary Cooley, Harold Smits

1989: 101             Jerry Linssen, Pat Lambert (1VP), Dave Dufrane (2VP), Mary Cooley, Harold Smits


When the Fisheree was established in 1975, a cash prize was given for tagged fish. This was eliminated in 1987. The grand prized was a hind quarter of beef with $100 paid for largest bass, northern, and walleye. $25 for the largest panfish.

1980-81 the Trail Boss was Harold Smits. The Land and Forest crew logging 223.5 hours @$14/hr for $3269.

In 1983-84 Trail crew logged 402 hrs $6834 $17/hr

In 1984 the State went to a flat mileage fee. In 1984-85 the crew 199.5 hrs $140/mile Bob Kroll did the dragging. They graded the right of way, three bad hills, widened trail reouted ¾ mile of tral to get off road Put in one culvert $1975.

1986: published a New Snowmobile Trail Map for Northern Oconto County effort led by Tim Baril of RA and Tom Wurzer of Paul Bunyan Club. A Radar Run where snowmobilers compete against the clock was begun. There were 420 runs clocked with Tom Huff of Appleton winning. 85MPS with a Polaris 600 Indy. A club newsletter was established, as well as a Special Recognition Award for supporters. Concrns regarding ATVs were expressed.Red Arrow is not against ATVs, but we are aware that property owners might object.” Said 105 Cal Cunningham, President.

In 1987 Red Arrow applied for an income tax exemption, Their request for a 501(c)7 was denied but a 501(c)4 was granted. An outstanding support to snowmobiling and the Red Arrow Snowmobile club was presented to Kathy and Tim Baril, owners of Hillcrest Lodge.

Fisheree included a Radar Run where smowmobilers competed against the clock. Thirty-six drivers completed, won byChristine Hoff of Appleton on her Polaris 600 Indy clocked 84mph

Course set up by Rick Opeila, Harold Smits and Tim Baril. Rick was a member of TDTs, the Town of Townsend Racing Team


In March of 1988, a new trail groomer, an ASV TrackTruck was purchased and delivered to Red Arrow. Trail Boss Harold Smits: “Unlike other groomers that merely drag snow to fill in between humps and bumps, this is a mogul masking groomer that actually cuts them off while breaking hard snow into little pieces. It means a better, firmer trial that won’t break up on the first run through.”

Total Insurance bill in 1989 was $500 plus a $50 setup fee

In 1988 a bridge was constructed from?. Wheeler Lumber, Bob Kroll and Pintsch’s were hired to do the job which cost $9138


Raffle Prizes were turkey and bacon raised price of beer to 60 cents/can

Smitty suggested Saturday morning meetings on weekend before Fish-A-Ree to get out-of-towners to come. Leo Cooley wanted to resign as Trail Boss but his resignation was not accepted. He pled “personal reasons” and Harold Smits got the job.

Fish-A-Ree grossed $6000, with net profit of $3500. A PA System and insurance for the day cost $60. Liability insurance for entire year was $245. Races were held with same rules as sanctioned races. Men and Women competed alongside each other.

Bill Popp was elected chair at the March meeting with 11 members present. Tim Baril was VP. Mary Cooley S-T

Six people attended the May meeting.

Labor Day Dance was held Don Konyuk provided the music. A Constable was on hand if trouble broke out. Raffle tickets were sold; First prize a hind quarter of beef, bushel of booze, Coleman lantern

Pitchers of beer were $2.50 with 9 oz cups and soda 50 cents.

Secretary was asked to contact ASWC to find out the requirements for joining the Alliance.’

It was determined that the trail from Cyril Reininger to the abandoned RR track right-of-way needed rerouting. Cyril gave his okay as long as bikes were not allowed. It was also found the” big hill across from Joe Schalz” needed work which was done that fall.

The DNR paid $150/mile of trail but better signage was needed all along the trail. The County said it would maintain the bridges but would keep $50 of that to do so.

A membership drive was started.

Changed the date of the 1981 Fish-A-Ree to avoid a conflict with Lakewood (Paul Bunyan) Rally.

Farmers in the Breed area were opposed to allowing any vehicles except snowmobiles on the RR ROW.



Bill Popp was elected chair at the March meeting with 11 members present. Tim Baril was VP. Mary Cooley S-T. trail Boss Smits

Rerouting the Diamond Roof trail from Mosquito Lake Road to Partridge Lane was necessary. At a meeting to discuss the RR ROW it was decided to open trail to the Scenic Overlook behind Valley Inn.

Lights were purchased for the races for the Club would not need to borrow Lakewood’s. The Secretary was authorized to spend $100-150 for a typewriter, but the minutes continued to be recorded in long hand.

The Club used the Fire Department tents but wanted to buy their own. This did not happen and they continued to donate $25/yr to the FD for use of the tents.

The Club decided to meet in taverns but the owner must be present at a meeting to be eligible to be considered for the next meeting.

A new type of raffle ticket for the Fall Dance was proposed. Sell 60 instead of 40 but lower the price. A change in price of beer a 7 oz glass was 30 cents.

The Club had 31 miles of trail to maintain/groom in 1981, Bob Kroll did the bobcat work on Mountain Trail and began work on a trail from Fanny Lake to Bear Trail. Bob Hackbarth gave the club permission to access his land. A meeting with the Forest Service to work on trail to Fanny Lake which would add 3 miles of trail.



John Zimdars, president; Bill Popp VP Mary Cooley S-T; Harold Smits TB were elected chair at the March meeting with 11 members present.

The idea of expanding the Fish-A-Ree to two days was floated. A Trail Ride on the new trail and a cookout was cancelled as the weather was -30 degrees.

A request by the Lakes Country Library for a donation was discussed. It was decided to donate $25 IF the money was used to buy a magazine devoted to winter sports.

The Mosquito Lake trail continued to be a problem. There was not enough money to fix it and the Trail Boss Harold Smits did not have time. Volunteers were recruited to do the work. Rick Opeila was appointed Asst Trail Boss.

The trail was to run on Forest Service land and would require 76 new Route Signs. Smits was given a $50 gas reimbursement check for surveying the trails. The Secretary-Treasurer was to be paid $25/month going forward.

The Oconto County Trail reimbursement was for 37.5 miles $5062.50.

Legal issues arose regarding the selling of raffle tickets.

The McCauslin Bridge on trail out from Joe Schalz was in desperate need of repair. Paul Bunyan Club was asked to pay half the cost.

Once again a topic of discussion was the price of beer for the Labor Day Dance. It was decided to serve a 12oz beer for 50 Cents.

Due to requests by landowners, it was decided to close the trail by Schalz in the off-season. However, this did not happen when other landowners objected.

A request by three-wheeler owners to use the trail was a hot topic in 1982. It was stated that Red Arrow did not approve or disapprove, but that they did not grant permission as liability issues would follow.

It was determined that the club must work with Paul Bunyan to fix the McCauslin Bridge.



Fisharee bought stop watch for races

McCauslin Bridge done, Lazkewood would pay half.

John Zimdars, president; Tim Baril VP Mary Cooley S-T; Harold Smits TB were elected chair at the March meeting with 19 members present.

Trails extended to Carter. Members wanted more trails bout the money was not available for expansion. Permission was sought and granted for the Club to take out a short-term loan to pay Fish-A-Ree expenses and Bob Kroll for his services.

All club trails were inspected by the DNR and all passed. All Town of Townsend roads used for snowmobiling must be designated and marked as such. A meeting was held with the Town Board to update ordinances to include Mosquito Lake Road and any new subdivisions that might be built.

A new policy of loaning out the club’s spin wheel was drafted. Any group that borrowed the device was responsible for it, and would need to replace it “in the event it should be confiscated.”

The Forest Service ordered that all signage must be taken down in summer. A sum of $700 was allocated to have the signage “done right.”

9.2 miles of trail were added @ a cost of $2500. The McCauslin Bridge was once again found deficient. The bridge needed widening to ten feet and off-season gates must be installed on both ends. The deck on the Hemlock Dam Bridge were also found to be deficient and that was repaired that fall.

Working with the Lily area club, new trail was opened from Bear Trail to Lily.

New route signs had to be purchased as they must be uniform.

Thanks to Smits and Baril, new trail maps were drawn up and published.

No large prize money would be offered for tagged fish caught during the Fish-A-Ree due to lakeowners worried about overfishing.



Interest in the club was growing as 32 members attended to Saturday morning meeting in February. Much confusion and frustration ensued when the trail maps were found to have the wrong color-coding. A discount from the publisher was demanded. Electric service would now be available for the Fish-A-Ree at a cost of $20 plus power used.

It was decided to send a book of tickets to out-of-town members hoping to increase ticket sales.

A $25 donation was given to the library, this time with no strings attached.

Tim Baril, president; Roger Anderson, VP Mary Cooley S-T; Harold Smits TB were elected chair at the March meeting with 11 members present. Smits agreed to serve only if “I can continue as I have with a free hand.” He requested that $25,000 be made available for equipment. A document signed and notarized by all officers and board members directing this to be done.

The “big hill” on the trail to Bear Trail was finished at a cost of $2500. More trail was built using ROW on land owned by Fenns, Estreens and lake crossing.

Three wheelers were now required to register, but able to operate on trails at local option.

Issues with taxes again appeared. Help from an accountant was suggested but none was forthcoming so an AWSC representative offered legal assistance.

Smits was renting a garage from Dan Tucker for $50/yr to store club equipment and supplies. He asked the Club to pay the rent, which it did.

Permission was sought from Hitchcock to bulldoze the trail on Mosquito Lake Road. Permission to access the Hennessey property was given if the club would see that the snow was shoveled off her trailer roof.

Access to land belonging to Carl Jeranek, Mattie Rabbitt, Max Diessner, and Hackensack was obtained.

Bob Kroll got a raise to $30/hr for trail work.

Prizes for dance, beef, microwave oven, cash

Use the big drag to T and 64. RR tracks groomed by the Town for a cost of $200. Bass Lake Road, Scotch Pine Circle and Pine Tree Road were added to the trail system. This required 25-30 new signs at a cost of $34 each. The County provided the signs at no cost to the Club.



Legal issues appear settled after seeking attorney’s advice

Volleyball tournament and children’s sawdust money pile added to Fish-A-Ree schedule of activities.

Better attendance led to scheduling more Sat morning meetings

$25 tagged fish with club ID tag

Tim Baril, president; Roger Anderson, VP Mary Cooley S-T; Harold Smits TB

Secretary sent letter to businesses asking them to join

Dance at Town Hall for members in April begun. BYOB, beer, food, music provided. Roger Anderson chair.

Fall picnic for members, club furnished refreshments and horsedrwn covered wagon rides

Fish-A-Ree prizes beef, VCR, cash $50, $25

Trouble with Max Diessner who was going to close his land to machines and Tiny Hummel. Problems solved by open discussion with both.

Law regarding 3-Wheelers going into effect June 1986. Club votes to affiliate if the group approach them.

Power Company working on trail. May have to be rerouted off Spring Lake Rd.

Check on price of radar speed guns for Radar Races. Leadership decides $50 extra liability insurance too high but cannot return already purchased guns so they pay it and run the races.

Transfer to attorney in Lakewood for help with tax and legal issues.

Buy and place a sign for $75 on Bob Kroll’s drag

Purchase letterhead stationery to send out newsletters, correspondence, etc.



Dues raised to $7.50 individual $10 family.

Institutes Ladies on the Trail assistance. Joe Ouellette chairman. Replace belts, plugs, skags, etc.

Publicity Committee chaired by Cal Cunningham got $100 for expenses. Some suggestions to raise profile and increase membership: bumper stickers, decals, patches; ads in paper.

Tim Baril, president; 1st VP: Roger Anderson; 2nd VP: Carl Gast; VP Mary Cooley S-T; Harold Smits TB

Snowmobile licenses raised from $12 to $20 for 2 yrs.

Pres. Tim Baril says “ATVs are not legal to operate anyplace. Club voted not to support ATVs on trails.

Club bought two fiberglass portable outhouses for $260.

Club voted to give traveling plaque to business that signed up most new members and free membership to individuals who did the same.

Myrt Cunningham was put in charge of draft by-laws for the organization.

Lakewood requested a merger with Townsend, but it was denied due to fears that “we would lose our identity.” The clubs would work together on common issues such as 3-Wheelers and publicity.

ATVs are in “limbo” because county has taken no action on them.

McCauslin Bridge needs repairs AGAIN and the club votes to abandon the Hemlock Dam Bridge.

They authorize expenditures of $150/couple for up to two couples to attend AWSC convention. Ed Downer is elected the legislative representative to AWSC.

By-laws are approved. Trail Boss gets $400 for expenses, president gets $300. Must provide receipts.

A mini-vacation in Townsend is offered as a prize for the Fish-A-Ree drawing instead of a VCR.

DNR asks clubs to give back some of their funding for law enforcement on the trails. Drinking and riding is fast becoming a hot button issue.

Members get one free decal with membership but can buy extras at $1.00 each.

Club applies for special Tax Exempt ID#. To get this, Club must designate a non-profit to get its treasury if it disbands. AWSC is chosen.

The Nicolet National Forest is closed to snowmobiling. Letters of protest from members are solicited and sent.



Patches are purchased for $1.50 and sold for $2.00

Red Arrow and Paul Bunyan combine to buy TV ads; 37 30 second ads for $135.

DNR cuts 11 miles from RA trail system and forces Trail Boss to sign a contract to receive future funding. Letter is signed and sent under protest.

There are 36 people at the Feb. Saturday morning meeting. A petition to protest closing the NNF is circulated.

Cal Cunningham resigns as publicity chair.

Volleyball and kids games are once again a part of the Fish-A-Ree as is the Radar Run.

Bob Kroll is awarded lifetime membership and honorary trustee in recognition of his hard work on behalf of the club.

Hillcrest Lodge takes the membership drive plaque with 17 new signups; Ed Downer gets the individual award.

RA receives $862.92 from the County as funding for trail work.

The Labor Day Dance Raffle prizes are a quarter of beef, a color TV and cash.

A calendar of events is drafted for the coming year and will be mailed to all paid-up members.

Workers will be paid $4.00/hr and 22 cents/mile for trail work.

A float is entered in the 4th of July parade and a $200 donation is given to the Town for extra fireworks for the Fourth of July.The Downers volunteer to sell hats and other RA souvenirs at the Craft Show.

The club is researching a garage to rent to store its expanding equipment. When the Town buys the Art Mayer property, the Town offers the club for $100 annual rent. The first year is waived if the club fixes the roof. The town pays the materials and club volunteers do the labor.

The club offers for rent its porta-potties at $150 deposit with a $50 rental fee.

Walt Vernon offers to contact a lawyer to finally solve the lingering and worrisome tax exempt issues. He learns that the tax ID # is acquired but the club may have to pay SS and unemployment insurance back taxes.

The club goes to beer in cans for the Labor Day Picnic and charges $1.00 for a 12 oz can.

There is an issue with the trail route on T. It must get out of the ditch. There is also a problem with the rebuilding of HW 32. The trail must be two way along HW 32 from Karla’s Kountry Kitchen to County T.

Smits requests 10 more miles of trail for the club but is relatively sure that no more money for trail expansion will be made available. The County raises its rate to $152/mile.

Labor Day prizes are a VCR camcorder, a paddle boat, a Coleman lantern and a fishing rod and reel.

It is decided to once again do Radar Runs at the February 1988 Fish-A-Ree for a $5 entry fee with Stop and Go lights, racing bibs and trophies.

A social dance with live music is held for members only on April 9. The anual dance/raffle on Labor Day.

A problem has developed on the Pickerel Lake Road trail and it may be closed forcing the club to see Cyril Reininger’s permission to cross his land. The issue is resolved.

A bill regarding drinking and riding has reached the Wisconsin governor’s desk. No word on its fate.

In December, the club shows a large cash balance, including a $30,000 CD.



At the January meeting Trail Boss Harold Smits gives an informational film on a new type of trail groomer. He also says it’s time for the club to purchase its own tent, which runs $5000-$6000. He reports that the club is getting ever closer to finally opening the Scenic Overlook behind Valley Inn. The club formally votes to work with Paul Bunyan on maps and advertising but not to complete a merger.

The proceeds from the February Fish-A-Ree are $4748.47. The DNR inspects the club’s trails and awards funding for 44.3 miles.

The club must rebuild the bridge at Camp 5. The DNR will provide materials and the club volunteer labor.

A 1988 Truck Track Groomer is purchased for $21,500. Volunteers are sought to train as drivers.

The Labor Day Dance prizes are a hind quarter of beef, a VCR and $50, $25.

The club adds 5.9 miles of trail and gets $6475 in funding. However, it must fix the trail by Tiny’s and the bridge by the Forest Service.

Again, $200 donation for 4th of July Fireworks.

A training course in snowmobile safety is now offered by a certified instructor. Rick Opiela says he is working on getting the credentials to teach the class.

The summer picnic is discontinued and winter events are to be substituted.

Signage must be erected on both sides of HW 32 even if the trail is only groomed on one side. Sleds will cross at Forest Hill Drive and follow Old 32 into town.

The Camp 5 Bridge will be reconstructed for $5990, $3450 if it coming from the county.

Prizes for the Labor Day Dance/Raffle are a Camcorder, a VCR, and a hind quarter of beef.

A donation of $200 is made by the club to the ambulance for purchase of radios. Rick Opiela is researching the cost of a rescue stretcher.

The Oconto County Alliance is established and Red Arrow members vote to join.



Drivers are being trained to run the new groomer.

Work is being done on Diamond Roof and Pickerel Lake Trails.

The club buys snow fence from Tiny Hummel and stores it for future use.

The first snowmobile safety course is offered at the Town Hall in February.

There are still multiple problems with the trail along Highway 32 through town.