1970 to 1980 Our Start



Transcription from Red Arrow Snowmobile Club Meeting Minutes (as written in notebooks) by Mary Stehula

2/13/70: Nomination for officers: Harold Smits as President, Dennis Lasse (?) Sec/Treasury, Elmer Melcore, Vice Secretary; all voted in unanimously. Board of Directors: Art Rudolph, Buzz Otto, Jim Clark, Joe Yordy – all elected unanimous. Motions to spend if needed $40.00 for this picnic party and secretary be paid $20.00 this year, memberships $15.00 business places, $9.00 Old businesses, $5.00 regular members and$ 3.00 membership dues.

2/21/70: Old business: party at the lake a total success, expenses small. New business: Form a committee to design patches and sell them for $1.50; motion to design a map; motion to have signs by Labor Day and a motion for a ride next week spending $40.00 for cookout.

3/14/70: Motion to send every member 2 applications to get new members; when get new member, send them 2 applications. Decided was clubs duty to connect all business places with signs. Suggested we have a snowmobile drag race mid. July on old B.B. park. Next meeting is in Nov. at Meyers in Carter.

11/14/70: Motion to join Alliance and have Herb Harris and Harold Smits as reps.

12/5/70: Robert Kroll made motion to purchase material to make signs to mark trails, seconded by Herb Pintsch. Election: Harold Smits, President; Herb Harris, Vice President; nominations for Sec.Treas. Sharon Kutchman and Dennis Larson and Board of Directors: Elaine Ouellette, Robert Kroll and Jerry Anderson. Meeting held at Valley Inn. Family Weekend: join with the Townsend Business men association and go “50-50 in expense and such as in advertising & such”. Molly Richlen made a motion we join the business association to put on this rally. Committee: Dick Funk, Herb Pintsch, Jerry Anderson and Robert Kroll.

1/9/71: Family Rally discussed. Jerry Anderson to ask businessmen for donations. Dues paid after Sat. 1/16 will be $5.00.

1/16/71: Business meeting on rally detailed costs: soda, $.20; Miller beer, $.40; trophies $5, $10, and $15 by class, 12 & up.

3/13/71: Attendees: Allan Harris, Linda Kroll, Rosella Goetz, Mary Richlen, Jennie Jacobe, Hank Jacobe, Blaneke Smits, Ralph Smits, Lee Ness, Gale Ness, Carl Gust, Maryellen Gust, Elaine Ouellette, Jerald Ouellette, Elaine Ouellette Jr., Ruth Pintsch, Milton Ouellette, Stanley Goetz, Wilford Ouellette, Jr., Herbert Pintsch, Jack Burt, Mel Soderbeck, Bob Richlen and Pinky Anderson. Motioned next meeting at Sportsman’s Club, weather permitting and annual meeting 2nd Saturday in Oct.

11/13/71: 7:30 p.m. meeting at Townsend Town Hall presided over by President Harold Smits. He discussed Alliance map & information on trails & marking such. Secretary sent out cards alerting members to 12/11/71 meeting election of officers. President informed members of complaint from Forestry Service on littering the woods; also all trail markers must be down by spring. Elmer Malcore motioned the secretary draft a letter to businessmen who don’t support our club or snowmobiling. Bob Biemert seconded, carried. Chuck Koran made a motion for president, Herb Harris and Bob Kroll to check out trail dragging equipment; Bob Biemert, seconded; and members present agreed to give them authorization to see about procuring loan for this sole purpose. A motion was made by H Harris and 2nd by B. Kroll to have a slolum type rally this winter. Next meeting at Krolls Shell station. Present tonite were: H. Smits, S. Kahler, Ansel Malcore, Mrs Ansel Malcore, Bob Biemert, H. Harris, W. Ouellette, Chuck Koran, Elmer Malcore, Bob Berth, Bob Kroll, Bobby Kroll, Mike O’Brien, Shawn O’Brien.

Note added: Jerry Linssen groomed trails 10 years; Mary Cooley was secretary, Harold Smits was President. Had a tractor at time, got stuck, Jeff had to rescue him.

12/11/71: Discussion on trail dragging Cat – which was brought from Antigo – cost: $1,000; drag will be a donation by Bob Kroll to club; Herb Harris made motion to pay for it by taking $300. out of club treasury and borrowing $700 from bank. Up to $100. from club to outfit; seconded by B. Biemert; motion carried. Election of officers: President, Al Jorgenson, Vice President, Joe Ouelette, Sec./Treas: “stays as is I guess” (Sherry Kahler); Board of Directors: Smitty, B. Kroll, H. Harris and Allan Harris. Al volunteered to go to all the businesses instead of secretary sending letter; Alliance reps decided; Smitty says he will drive our cat Solo! Mel Soderbeck motioned for the naming of our cat to be kept among members. Motion carried. Members present: Joe Ouellette, Barbara Ouellette, Leo Cooley, Mary Cooley, Bob Biemert, Gene Manoure, Elaine Ouellette, Wilford Ouellette, Mrs. Wilford Ouellette, Bob Kroll, Bobby Kroll, Smitty, Sherry K., M. Ouellette, Jerry Anderson, Mel Soderbeck, Al Jorgenson, Mrs. Bob Kroll, Allan Harris, Miss Kroll, G Ouellette, Mrs. G. Ouellette, Herb Harris, Mr Kornack, Mrs., Kornack, Evert McDaniel and Gilbert McDaniel.

12/16/71: Rally Committee and Board of Directors meeting at Al Jorgenson. Present were: Al Jorgenson, Herb Harris, Allan Harris, Bob Kroll, Chuck Koran & son, Smitty, Sherry K. and Jerry Anderson. Date for two day event decided on for Jan. 22& 23, 1972; details worked out in a long meeting that ended at 11p.m.

12/18/71: Meeting and Xmas Party at Bob’s Small Engine Service. Minutes of rally committee meeting read where committee decided on prizes for rally. Smits made a motion to carry out fireworks event on big rock. Geo Martin 2nd. Carried. Trophy discussion, 10 prizes: 1. Sno-Mo Sleigh; 2. $50 Savings Bond; 3. Sno-Mo Suit; 4. Sno-Mo Helmet; 5. Electric drill; 6. Sno-Mo Boots; 7. Ice Auger; 8. Dryer; 9. Sno-Mo Gloves; 10. Sno-Mo Goggles. Prize Committee gets lowest bid and informs businessmen & dealers of the free display area which they can use at the rally for advertising & promotion of their product. This applies to all dealers in the Alliance area. Ten separate committees were formed for the event. Minutes of last Alliance meeting were read. Smitty explained the Mad Marathon run which covers aprox. 250 miles. Proposed petition to DNR for refusing to pay Sno-Mo registration fees unless DNR maintains trails better. Attendees: Allan Harris, Linda Kroll, Dave Tucker, Al Jorgenson, Delores Jorgenson, Bob Hackbarth, Sherry Hackbarth, Geo. Martin, Millie Martin, Joe Ouellette, Mrs. Joe Ouellette, Elaine Ouellette, Billy Ouellette, Milton Ouellette, Bob Berth & son, Bob Kroll & son, Leo Cooley, Mary Cooley, Herb Harris, Lucille Harris, Jack Burt, Chuck Koran & son, Wall Mehldall, Mrs. W. Mehldall, Bill Ehlers, Carmen Ehlers, Gerald Ouellette, Mrs. Gerald Ouellette, Tom Ingham, Alice Ingham, Smitty, Sherry Kahler


4/22/72: Al Jorgenson, President –referenced meeting minutes at Chuck’s from 1/8?? Decision to order club patches, aprox. $125.00 cost for members; non-members to purchase – Sherry & Elaine Ouelette to order and have before next deer season. Rally date set for Jan. 20 & 21, 1973. Motion carried to amend by-laws of club for election of officers to be held in spring instead of fall and vote by majority of members present as long as all were notified of meeting. Discussion on trail maintenance and cat by Bob Kroll. Election of officers: present officers stay. ( President, Al Jorgenson, Vice President, Joe Ouelette, Sec./Treas: “stays as is I guess” (Sherry Kahler); Board of Directors: Smitty, B. Kroll, H. Harris and Allan Harris.)

10/21/72: Pres. Al Jorgenson –. Christmas party 12/9/72; discussion on “snomos” running town roads – waiting for response from Atty General; lengthy discussion of trail maintenance – motion to keep present cat and use it as best we can & if not possible to have Bob Kroll come in with big cat at $3.00 per hr. Rally on 12/30 &31.

Dec. 11, 1972: This resolution authorizes Red Arrow Snowmobile Club to borrow ($700.00) Seven hundred dollars for the purchase of trail dragging equipment. This resolution signed by Board of Directors listed below: Joe P. Ouellette, V.P.; Harold Smits, Robert Kroll, Herbert Harris, Allan Harris, Allan Jorgenson, President. (Orig – given to Smitty on 12-13-71)

12/19/72: Rally Committee/planning: Accounting for last year’s registration: Mens $2.00 -19; Jr. 1.00 – 10; Pd Puff 2.00 – 11; Couples 3.00 – 7 Total 47

1/10/73: Resignation letter from Harold Smits.

1973-1974 B of Dir: Gale Ness, Bill Popp, Elaine Ouellette, Mel Soderbeck, Leo Cooley

3/1973: Handwritten checking account report with beginning balance of 650.07; ending balance of 983.16 with I hope written at the bottom! Items included proceeds from dance of $408.20.

4/21/73: Members present: Gale Ness, Elaine Ouellette, Lea Ness, Bob Hackbarth, Jerry Anderson, Mel Soderbeck, Herb Harris, Harold Smits, Chuck Koran, Jack Nelson, Joe Schulz, Mary Ellen Rampolski, Carl Carlson. President Joe Ouelette asked that Zeke be picked up and anyone who sees any trail markers left should please stop and take them down. Committee formed to review two trail areas: Sunset Bay La and Geo. Martins area and any other road trails and try to eliminate the roads. Easement agreement reviewed; Discussion of Wabeno wanting the100 mile safari to come down this way was brought up by Jack Nelson – and Chuck Koran and Harold Smits put on a committee for this…motion by Harold Smits and Mary Ellen Rampalski to have a dance on September 1; May 17 Alliance meeting on Snowmobile Rally and Racing – Bob Hackbarth and Mel Soderbeck appointed to attend and report back to club. Motion made by Jack Nelson, seconded by Herb Harris to have a flee market in the town hall parking lot on the weekend of June 30. Smitty to check business associations dates for their fourth of July activities. Mary Ellen Rompalski on committee to get a poster made for this event. Gale Ness suggested to put Zeke out about February of next year; winners of this year’s Zeke contest were announced 1 Debbie Pintsch 2- Kathy Ness 3- Dick Hermsen.

10/27/73 Trail committee to check with property owners on easements and review the need for written easements with lawyer; 1000 tickets will be printed for “A Buck for a Bang” rifle raffle. The drawing will be at noon on Sunday, Nov. 25th at Jack’s Bar in Carter; other discussions: club ride and lunch date; Red Arrow Family event 12/30&31; 1974 Sno Mo Rally with Lions Club; trail to 9 Mile.

12/15/73: Members present: Mary Ellen (Hanks Corner Bar) Mel & Rita, Mr. & Mrs. Don Van Handel, Herb Harris, Leo & Mary Cooley, Al Jorgenson, Mr Jack Peil, Bob Kroll, Gale Ness, Jack Nelson, Sharon Kahler, Mr & Mrs Bodart, Fred & Marge Kellner, Bob Kroll, Carl Carlson, Al Hampson, Betty Boddee, Ansel Malcore, Jean Malcore, & family, Smitty, Bob Biemeret, Forest & Minnow Tate. Discussion on rally; fuel problem, etc – cancel rally, motion for Dance & Moonlite cruise 26th of Jan. with meat raffles, serve hot dogs only; Herb Harris chairman of Trail Dragging. Maintain good reg trails – not take on any new ones now – grooming pays $10.00/hour – $2.00 increase over last year per Bob Kroll; Herb shows marked map – to be put on trails so riders could see where they are in woods. Zeke Contest (Ice Out) suggested 2 contests;

1973: Proposed Townsend Snowmobile Ordinance excerpts: Snowmobile Routes Designated. “Burnt Dam Road at a point where Mc Caslin Drive intersects near Brookside Mkt. around Lower Reservoir Pond to Forest Hill Drive.” Section 3: Additional Regulations. (a.) SPEED. No person shall operate a snowmobile upon any public right-of-way or highways within the town of Townsend in excess of 10 (ten) miles per hours. Signature lines: Joseph Schalz (Chairman); Earnest Brooks (Supervisor) and Robert Hackbarth (Supervisor)

2/5/74: Members present: Mel & Rita Soderbeck, Mary & Leon Cooley, Betty Bode, Mary Ellen & Sandy Rampalski, Elaine Ouelette, Bob Kroll, Harold Smits, Jack & Ann Nelson, Tom Ingam, Herb Harris. Joe Ouelette, President; maintaining about 40 miles or more of trails right now; Leo Cooley commented on how good trail markers are; trail marking discussion; Smitty to be Alliance rep. Suggestion of grass drags in summer, committee formed.

2/11/74: Special meeting –discussed drag racing – maybe no race because of no snow. Dance on 3/9; motion to join WSA passed.


3/10/74: Dance proceeds $512.80, possible $400 profit. Mary Cooley appointed Sec-Treas until election. Not enough members present to hold. Postpone 3 weeks and send out cards to all members ahead. Decided on March 30 at 1pm.

3/30/74: 30 members present. Motion carried to have summer drag race on 6/30.Tentative date for dance 3/29. Election of officers: Pres. Jack Gallagher; VP. J Nelson; Sec.Treas. M. Cooley; Board/Dir: can’t sort out from notes – two newly elected: Ehler and Harris but others remain from previous board. Bill Popp(s) suggested a certificate of merit be given to those people and business places who donate monies to the trail fund.


5/20/74: Board meeting – tentative decision to drop rally for 6/30 as we have no comm. head. very little time left and no planning or posters or adv. out yet; 6/29 no hall available.


6/8/74: Build dunk tank; dance if hall available 7/3 or 7/4; buy planks from Bill Koskella needed to build bridges on trails. The cost is $25.


9/17/74: 16 present. Considerable discussion to get trails off the road, particularly by Brookside Mart towards Bill Popps.


10/24/74: Signs were discussed and decided to purchase Stop signs, improve “No Snowmobile Route” signs, discussed “Trails Maintained By the Red Arrow Snowmobile Club” signs; a trail committee was formed consisting of Jack Gallagher, Leo Cooley, Jack Nelson, Bill Ehlers, Gale Ness, Jerry Harris, Mel Soderbick, Larry Rierkhoff and Tim Baril and scheduled to meet in Dec. Mixed Doubles (bowling) set for 10/27; general and “heated” discussion about holding regular meetings on a set date each month. Meetings will be held at 7pm on the second Saturday of each month. A newsletter was discussed and a decision was made to send a newsletter around the first of each month. Betty Bodde, Rita Soderbeck and Carol Bodart will work on this.


11/9/74: Bill Ehlers stated that all land easements are filled out and ready to be returned to the County Board. Committee named for Rally and Races: Jack Gallagher, Herb Harris, Harold Smits and Al Jorgenson. Trophies to be purchased from Petruskys.


12/14/74: Pres. Gallagher showed members the new “stop” and “restrictive” signs and informed the members of the new trail through by Cathedral Pines into Townsend. Rally will be held 12/29; free membership and dance tickets to those people whose land we cross.


1/11/75: Roy Hayner was made an honorary member and the Club will pay his expenses for all the work he has done. He stressed communication with other clubs and working with the Forestry Service.


3/8/75: Election of Officers: Pres. – Leo Cooley; VP – Harold Smiits; Secretary/Treasurer – Mary Cooley; Board: Don Van Handel, Herb Harris, Carl Gust, Jerry Harris, Bill Ehler and Allan Harris. Motion made and seconded to allow the Board to borrow money from the bank to fund trail grading. Monthly Saturday night meetings are not well attended; moving to a

weekday was discussed.

3/23/75: Board meeting where it was agreed that we will pay Bob Kroll what we have, and Bob said if we are some short, he will wait for a while. Fundraising at the 4th of July event included: dunking tank, paddle wheel and race games. Meetings will be held in taverns; locations determined by drawing at prior meeting.’ owner or bartender who is a member must be attendance at the drawing.


4/9/75: In attendance: Tim & Kathy Baril, Leo & Mary Cooley, Mary Ellen Gust, Mary Ellen Rompalski, Bill & Elaine Oullette, Bob Hackbarth, Chuck Anderson, Anker Anderson, Herb Harris, Allan Harris, Chuck Koran, Carl Carlson, Jack Nelson, Tom & Alice Ingham, Bill Ehlers, Bill Popp(s), Lorraine Clark, Jerry Anderson, Bob Kroll and Jerry Harris. Meeting held at Hillcrest Lodge. Pres. Cooley requested it be written into the minutes tavern keepers be limited to 2 meetings a year, as much as possible.


5/24/75: Only 14 members present; urgent business needed addressing: maps – motion to pay two people to handle; complaint (reason unknown); beer license charge $50/year, can we get 1 day at a time?; best interest on our money; Zeke contest – when tickets should be cut off.


6/26/75: Show of hands vote to have dunking tank and booyah stand at town hall and find out about insurance for it. Motion to have only special summer meetings.


Treasurer’s Report for July 4th, 1975: Dunking Tank, Booyah Stand, Paddle Wheel – Total on Project: Profit: $222.23 (example of club activities back in the day)


Emergency meeting: (not dated); 20 members present. Treasury balance is approx. $2,500. “Pres. Cooley and Herb Harris went to Oconto about trail funding. They found out we will get 80% of last year’s grading money, 20% retained for signing. Excess from signing will be returned. Motion made by Bob Biemert to give $1,000 if Townsend buys their own ambulance and nothing if they go with Lakewood. Second by Harold Smits. Motion carried. 17 votes for.”


9/10/75:  Tim Baril asks for 2 delegates and 1 alternate for the 250 alliance; Tim and Herb Harris, Smitty alternate. Bob Kroll volunteered to be a board member in place of Allan Harris who resigned. 62 cards returned out of 101. 61 voted yes. Trail maintenance, signage, funded trails and issue with Mr. Guenther’s area discussed.


9/25/75 Board Meeting: Trail committee called meeting. Mr. Guenther present asking what we are going to do about snowmobiles speeding, riding 3&4 abreast, and smashing into cars. Suggestions were made and Mr. Guenther was satisfied that the club is trying to work out the problems. Bob Kroll will work on unfunded trails at last year’s rate until the club is funded for the work through approval on these trails. Motion by Harold Smits to table ambulance donation until settlement is reached and clarified by towns legally.


10/8/75: Trail report by Tim Baril: 5 clubs are to receive $60,000 to be broken down for dozing, brushing, seeding, signs, posts, gates and administration. Trails will be brushed to 8’ wide. Further discussion on Hemlock Dam brought out that Lakewood Club will help with new bridge.


11/8/75 Board Meeting: As August Weinbrach donated 40 poles for Hemlock Dam Bridge, the board voted to send thank you card and honorary membership. Bill Ehlers will donate 5 lb. ham.


11/8/75: Fund raising committee formed consisting of Bill Ehlers, Lorraine Clark, Bud Campshure, Mary Cooley and Mary Ellen Rompalski. Bud Campshure volunteered to have dance at his business, proceeds to club. We must extend our appreciation to Lakewood for their help on Hemlock Dam Bridge. They have also volunteered to help with McCaslin Bridge.


12/10/75: At Hank’s Corner Bar – Snowmobile trailer parking at townhall parking lot? Don Konyah and partner available for dance. Another bowling – mixed doubles – suggested. Cook –out during holidays: Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s was decided on. “No snowmobile” areas will be marked on maps in red, and 10 MPH caution in yellow. Decided “Entering Red Arrow Trails” signs should be put up.


12/14/76: Committees for fisharee formed.


2/3/76 Board Meeting: Trail discussion: Possible fine for grading unapproved trails. Man running machine is one who will be fined. Motion carried that the club will stand behind the person, and pay any fine. Donation committee formed.


2/11/76: At Bill Popps: Committee updates; ad placement in Brown County Chronicle. Bob Kroll had the new drag present for all to look at.


3/13/76: Election meeting at Town Hall. Fisharee cleared over $900.00 according to Tim Baril. Election: VP – Tim Baril; Sec-Treas B. Ouellette; Board: B. Ehlers and B. Kroll. Board meetings ½ hour prior to all meetings approved. Pres. Rumsey spoke about party tearing down our signs on Mosq Lake Rd.


4/14/76 Board Meeting: Trail dragging – “Sancation” to give $18.00 an hour. Approved. Next year DNR $27.00 a mile.


4/14/76: President Bob Rumsey called meeting to order. Discussion on Demonalation Derby at Herb Harris gravel pit sometime this summer. Bob Kroll – Chairman and Gale Ness Co Chairman of this event – they will pick their committee when they find more out and set date and time.

5/10/76 Board Meeting: Details of fundraiser on 4th weekend.


5/12/76: Hank’s Corner Bar, Sunday, the 4th is when Red Arrow will have fundraiser to include music by the Night Owls from 2-6pm. Secretary to write a letter to AWSC regarding insurance on all club functions.


6/10/76: 4th of July activities. Bob Hackbarth is donating a steel mini chain saw to be raffled off & profit will go to the club. $1.00 charge on a ticket. Bud Marten made a motion to have every other meeting in town hall – and it should be in minutes how many people attend each meeting. No July meeting.


8/7/76 at Valley Inn: 15 persons attending Lorraine Clark suggested a auction for Labor Day weekend. Committee: Herb Harris, Bob Kroll and Lorraine Clark. Note: Lorraine Clark had a rummage sale and donated the profit to the club – $72.70. Treasurer’s Report: in checking -1,596.74; in savings 953.07 Total: 2,549.81.


9/7/76 at Town Hall 20 people attended. Auction not a success; include bake sale next time.


10/15/76 at Valley Inn 28 persons attending. There was a board meeting in early October at Valley Inn. Abe Estreen was there and discussed having an auction. When we have another auction, Abe will be the auctioneer. A box lunch and dance is going to held in December. Trail booster signs are being made up. Suggestion for Fisheree on Saturday and drag races on Sunday.


11/13/76 at Townsend Town Hall 14 people attended. Fisheree prep; trail info; dance 12/11. Write to the Forestry Department at Rhineland if you have any complaints about the trails in Nicolet National Forest.


12/8/76 at Red Nose Bar in Carter, 14 persons attending with officers. New trail, Sawyer Lake to pine tree by Fanny Lake is all brushed; McCauslin Brook bridge is all fished and set to go. Abe Estreen will auction the box lunches at the 12/11 dance. (Box Social cleared $61.57)


1/15/77 Townsend Town Hall, 13 people present. Up for review is the closing of Diamond Roof Road to Snowmobiles and letting it open for cross country skiers. We will have to fight the cross country skiers for our trails. Check on easement of 400 ft of Connors land at Railroad crossing at Valley Inn.


2/9/77 at Hanks Corner Bar, 17 persons attending. Fisheree preparation. Letters are being sent out to the people to write to their senator or congressman on the restriction of snowmobilers to marked trail system within the boundaries of the Nicolet National Forest. Fisheree cleared          $2,037.85


3/12/77 at Townsend Town Hall, 12 persons attending. Election of officers: President, Bob Rumsey; VP, Tim Baril; Sec/Treas. Barb Ouellette; keep original Board of Directors.


6/8/77 at Valley Inn: Bake sale to be held 7/2; the newsletter will be made up by Evelyn Evrard.


9/15/77 Townsend Town Hall, 17 members present: Club dance to be held 11/26; all meetings from now until March will be held the second Monday of each month at the town hall. Pres. Bob Rumsey is making up coffee cans and distributing them in all the business places for donations.


10/10/77 at Townsend Town Hall, 15 members attending. Fisheree will be 2/18 & 19. Motion to keep Fisheree on the Flowage.


11/14/77 Townsend Town Hall, 12 members attending. Bridge on McCauslin across from Joe Schalz is all done. Dance cleared $276.31.


12/12/77 at Townsend Town Hall, 18 members: Can get gates to close off trails from Forestry Dept. for summer.


1/9/78 Townsend Town Hall: Make new maps and sell for $.25. Tim Baril report that we have 175 miles of funded trails in the county and another 20 miles being set up.


2/13/78 at Townsend Town Hall: Motion to have meetings second Wed. of the month in bank basement.


3/8/78 at Townsend Bank: Election of officers: Bill Popp, President; Tim Baril, Vice President; Mary Cooley, Sec-Treas. Present Board members: Bob Rumsey, Bill Ehlers, Jerry Harris, Herb Harris, Robert Kroll, Don Van Handel and Carl Gust.


6/14/78: Leo Cooley added to Board; motion to have Board members from this locality.

10/11/78: Nine people present. Grace & Marty Braun purchased the dunk tank for $75.00. Posters will be made up promoting membership in Club. Decision was made to contact Buck Tucker about putting the trail to “The Barn” through the Jesse Cook property.

11/12/78: 11 people present. Discussed portion of trail we groom that’s in Forest County. Tim Baril to measure the exact mileage, the Lumberjack Club will submit this for funding next year. Tim also reported that the trail to Langlade will be all new next year at Forestry expense.

12/14/78: 11 people present.

1/10/79: 18 people present. Tim Baril reported that Lakewood would like us to pay half the cost of building the new trail around Binder Lake Road, to the ski hill. Motion made by Bill Ehlers, second by Jake Wildfong to pay half of cost, which will be about $250. Motion carried. Tim also reported that he signed this years’ contract with Oconto County at $95 per mile for 34 miles of trails. Will check about dues for joining the A.W.S.C.

2/14/79: 18 persons in attendance. Al Sampson from TV 11 will donate $50 for the largest crappie, $25 for second largest, and $10 for third largest crappie. Al Sampson is a channel 11 Sports Announcer.

3/14/79: 21 persons present. Election of officers/directors: President, Bill Popp; VP, Tim Baril; Sec-Treas., Mary Cooley; Trail Boss, Leo Cooley; Board: Bill Ehlers, Bob Kroll, Leo Cooley, Jake Wildfong, Dan Tedesco and Marty Braun.

5/9/79: 7 people present. President reported there is no money for new trails, only for grading existing trails. Leo reported on meeting in Oconto. Railroad Track was purchased by County for $1.00. Three miles of track at Maple Valley where people are against this.

8/8/79: Dance preparation.

10/10/79: 21 persons present. Question club incorporation. Memberships $5 & 7.50.

1/14/79: Our President reported that they are going to get tough this year on non registered snowmobiles.

12/12/79: 10 people attending. Leo Cooley reported that 13-1/2 hours were spent on trail leveling. Reported trails were very bad from 4 wheel drives.